Saturday, 31 January 2015

Shopping in Malaysia

I know this post is a little overdue, seeing as I came back over a week ago. But I remember being really excited about sharing what I bought overseas with you.  And I still am, because shopping in Malaysia is just that great!

First of all, one dollar here is equivalent to around three dollars there, making everything a little cheaper.  And then there were also so many sales around Christmas time, and so many shops they just can't be bothered to open here!  Just imagine trying to live without Forever 21 and H&M, because that's my life.

So here's a little catalogue of what I bought, or rather got for free through my relatives' money, or just received as a present, in Malaysia:

Normally I wouldn't buy much black and white, but now I think it can look classy or edgy, and I really like it.

Jumper: $20 H&M
LA Chance top: $8 Mango
Lace white top: $5 Temt
Black skorts: My mum

There was another black and white top, but I guess I've worn it so much it must be in the wash somewhere.
$8 from Kischen
Lately I've also been really into tops with words on them.  I like them to be meaningful, or at least apply to me.  I guess blogging and writing has made me appreciate words so much that it's even becoming more evident in my fashion choices.

I woke up like this: $15 Cotton On
No one in particular: $5 Temt
It's not about how you look... : cheap in some street bargain shop
And here's a little extract from a top above, because I don't think the words were big enough
And what is it about the satisfaction of wearing clothes referencing to France?  Does it make us look more sensitive?  More classy?  Beautiful?  Fashionable?  How do I describe why clothes are always Paris this, French that, and never really any other place, except maybe New York or LA or somewhere flashy.
Comme ci comme ca: $35 Forever 21
Paris Darling: $10 H&M
And obviously there were more clothes...
Fragrances: $10 H&M
Blue button top: My aunty
Lace blue top: $5 Temt

Jumper from my aunty: H&M

Bird dress: $20 Cotton On
I actually love this cardigan so much.  I think it's what I've needed for a long time
$30 Factorie
Moving onto more practical things, such as comfortable t-shirts, shorts and "jeans".  Haha that sounded a bit like a poem.
Bat girl: $5 Cotton On
Nike: My aunty
Floral shorts: My aunty

Let me tell you a secret.  Those jeans up there aren't jeans.  They're just more comfortable pants that look like skinny jeans ;)
All from Uniqlo bought by my mum
My mum also got me a whole bunch of fitness clothing that I should probably put into use...
And Malaysia wasn't just for buying clothes.  We obviously bought other items too.
Such as bags and purses...
Red evening bag: My aunty from Mango
London purse: $3 from China Town
And jewellery...
From my aunty
And books...
A Thousand Pieces of You: $18 Kinokuniya
The 100 Society: $12 MPH
Let's Get Lost: $13 MPH
The Art of Lainey: $12 MPH
Including this book which I am so excited to read more of!  You guys should check out the blog for it: Rookie
$35 from MPH
And then there was all that cheap polaroid film...
Fuji film for less than $1 each
And I even got a puzzle for my room decoration!  It's just a question of whether I'll actually complete it.
$30 from some puzzle shop
So that was the bunch of stuff I accumulated under the RM currency.  Isn't it ironic how my top said Collect moments not things.  Well I hope you somewhat enjoyed looking at my month long shopping haul.  I know I'm pretty satisfied with all my new stuff, and I can't wait to go back again next year, partly for the shopping of course.
I wonder if they'll ever open a H&M or Forever 21 in Australia.  I wonder if I'll ever love Top Shop, seeing as people like Zoella all seem to.
Let's just say that shopping is fun.  And as I grow, the shops I like will change.  I mean, just two years ago the thought of shopping made me cringe, and now it makes me feel excited.

Friday, 23 January 2015

The Oldest Documents

Lately I've had an obsession with the past.  I've been stalking old primary school buddies on instagram, working up the courage to follow their private accounts, and working up the nerve to allow them to follow me back, allowing them to see my present day self too.  Today I went to spontaneously visit a girl down the road who goes to the same school as many of them, who told me about what happens at her school, who gave me a little insight as to what it's like.

It's interesting.  We're all so different now.  Any of us could've taken any path, and here we are.  There's 'sluts' both mean and nice, there's people who voluntarily call themselves 'nerds', there's the girls with bikini selfies, peppy girls jumping and rowing and dancing, girls who show off their friends as much as possible in group photos, girls with kissing photos, girls with themselves kissing other girls, rich girls, unhealthily skinny girls, girls that now smoke, girls posting suicidal quotes, and a whole tonne of black eye liner.

And then there's me.  What would they say I've become?  Am I 'rich' because I go to a private school?  Am I a snob?  Am I a 'nerd' because I don't party or smoke or post red eyeballs from taking shots?  I know I've changed, but I don't think they could tell anything about me unless they ask someone.  That's the beauty of social media.  You can post as little as you want.

And I'm sure there are girls I'm completely cut off from.  They're the ones with no social media, who I only hear snippets of in the stories I'm told.

But let's back track to 2006 and 2007, when we were all 6 and 7 years old.  By then we'd already started having 'crushes' on boys, but I still reckon we had no idea who we were or who we would become.

I'm not sure if any of them have writing from back when they were that age.  But I know I do.  Earlier today I was exploring the files on the study computer, and I found folders within folders marked 2006 and 2007.  It turns out that as a six year old I was a story writer.  And at seven I began writing letters, telling people what I'd been doing.  It's interesting seeing the innocence in your grammatically incorrect writing, having a snippet of the way your mind was thinking.  And I reckon we all thought that way before the complications and stereo-types of society got in the way.

Cat Story (2006)

Once there was a cat.  She had no friends.  So she had a look arownd.  Her name was Sara.  But there was no one to play with.  So she had a walk.  But there was no one to play with.  But then there was a big dog.  He did not like cats.  Sara did not like dogs.  The dogs name was Ben.  Sara was scared of dogs because dogs chase her.  But Sara had an idear so she said could I be your friend?  But Ben did not want to be a cats friend.  So he said I do not want to be your friend.  So Sara got sad.  But then a cat came by.  Her name was Lucy.  And they both said can I be your friend?  So they both said yes.  Because Lucy had no friends too.  So they shared oners (owners).  So they both became best friends.  they did evry thig (everything) together.  But some times they fite.  But mostly they do evry thig together.  The End.

So I guess that's how friendship worked in those days.  Cats are friends with cats because dogs scare them (that may have been a metaphor for boys but I could be reading in too far).  It's just a matter of asking, "Can I be your friend?" or "Can I play with you?" because that's how things were done.  Friends should fight but do everything together.  That must've been my view on a perfect friendship at six years old.

Lucy's little sister (2006)

Once there was a girl named Lucy.  Lucy has a little sister named Sophie.  Sophie and Lucy have a baby sister named Jessica.  Jessica likes to play with toys.  One day Sophie and Lucy met a unicorn.  The unicorn said I have no food.  Lucy and Sophie went to the shops.  Lucy and Sophie lost all their money.  But then a fairy came and gave the unicorn food.  So the unicorn and fairy and Lucy and Sophie are friends and play with toys.  The end.

Society must've hit me already, with the whole unicorn and fairy stereo-types locked in my mind from all those picture books I must've been reading.  But it's nice to see the innocence in my writing.  Maybe that was how I felt about my little sister at the time.  That we'd go on adventures together.

The Beach (2006)

Once there was a girl.  Her name was Lucy.  One day she went to the beach with her big sister named Sara and Lucy's mum named Jessica and Lucy's little sister named Davina.  At the beach they went swimming.  Davina did not know how to swim.  They made a big sandcastle.  Davina did not know how to make a sandcastle.  They played games.  Davina did not know how to play games.  When they got home they went to bed.

Okay, so obviously I wasn't very good with making up names seeing as I've used Lucy, Sara and Jessica in multiple of my previous stories, and Davina is someone I actually know.  I must've been angry at Davina when I wrote this, which is honestly a very likely possibility.  Davina, I hope you never find out about my blog because this is embarrassing.

Some time in 2006 I moved from Melbourne to Canberra, leaving behind my best friend at the time.  I may as well tell you her name was Jessica, seeing as I used it in my stories and it's a pretty common name anyway.  I just wanna create some authenticity, you know?  Anyway, in 2007 I started writing letters to her, even though I'm pretty sure she never got them.  Maybe my mum was trying to get me to start journaling or something.

Dear Jessica

I hope you have a good time in the Gold Coast.  When you go to the Gold Coast you might see Elvis because I saw him.  I am sure you will have fun.  Do you think you will have fun?  What class are you going to?  I miss Melbourne.  But I still like Canberra.  I am having a great time in Canberra.  Do you know how to dive yet?  I know how to dive in shallow water.  When I go swimming I dive under the water fall.  Oh sorry I have to go.

Bye from M

The move was really hard on me, but not as daunting seeing as I was so young.  But if a year later I could still miss Melbourne, I must've hated it a little.  I did seem proud at myself for finally sucking up the courage to put my head under the water though.

I MISS YOU SO MUCH.  HOW ARE YOUR FRIENDS GOING?  I MISS Melbourne.  I am glad we live in Australia.  I just have to tell you I really want you to say hi to Dechen (I think I spelt her name wrong so it's okay to mention it).  How was Christmas?  How is the Gold coast?  I am having a great time in Canberra.  How was your 7th birthday?  My 7th birthday was great.  My sister is turning 5 on February the 3rd.  Kisses and cuddles from M.

I must've been missing my old friends... I didn't realise a seven year old could gain attachments and relationships like that.  Maybe I wasn't so clueless after all.

Dear Jessica
I hope you're having a good time at school.  Have you been doing well at school?  I wish you happy days at school.  I miss you so much and I know you miss me so much too.  How are all my other friends?  It was a shame I didn't come to your 7th birthday party.  I have met some new friends and my best ones are MT and EH.  I have not sent many letters to you.  I have herd that your teacher is C again.  Who is in your class?  How are your mum and dad?  What have you been doing at school?  I miss Melbourne.  How many teeth have you lost?  Have you met any new friends?  Say hi to your family and my old friends.  Love M.

It looks like little M has moved on a little.  It's funny how blatantly I can say who my 'favourite' friends are, and if she's made any new friends.  I would be way too scared to say things like that now.  I do remember MT and EH's last names, hence the second initial.  They're two of those primary school friends I've recently followed, and they've most definitely changed.  Jessica has too.  I wonder if she has instagram.  I guess I'll have to ask next time I see her ;)

I also found this cute little thank you letter I must've written around the time, thanking people for coming to my birthday party.

Dear A, Davina, EH, G, H, MS, PM, RN and ZF

Thank you for coming to my 7th birthday party at the zoo, and for all the lovely presents that you brought for me.

I hope you all had a good time at the zoo feeding the emu and giraffe.  The tigers refuse to come to Dr Zoo little as they were too hot to move from their tree shade.  It was a very hot day.


And now I'm looking at where these people have gone now...

Half of them I still talk to occasionally, and half of them I don't.  Only two of them have disappeared in terms of what I know, but there's always instagram for the rest ;)

I wonder if I had done things differently, if we would still be friends?

But I'm sorry to say some of them are a little stuffed up, and I love the friends I have now <3

You can't start a new chapter of your life if you're still rereading the last one.  It's time to live in the present.


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

100 Happy Days

So about 100 days ago I decided to do that 100 happy days thing.  I'm actually not too sure what exactly I was meant to do, so I just wrote down one happy thing that happened each day for 100 days.  I'm not gonna lie and say it made me feel happier or anything.  But it did force me to think about something positive that happened every day, and I guess it's also a good way to document what you've been doing.

Here's my list of 100 happy days...
(names have been replaced with initials)

#1: Marlisa sang Impossible beautifully on the X Factor

#2: English with CM.  We found out that Ms G is getting married!

#3: Vanilla fudge and Doctor Who

#4: Short films at AP's

#5: Heated discussions about hot actors at lunch

#6: A postcard from an old friend

#7: Gone Girl was definitely something new

#8: I discovered Twitter!

#9: Out of the Woods - Taylor Swift

#10: Ashes to Ashes is now in my possession

#11: A spontaneous trip to get some strawberry milkshake with ZB

#12: Some group selfies for the new phone

#13: I officially own an iPhone!

#14: The fete was pretty okay.

#15: This is Where I Leave You was very heart warming

#16: Discussions in health (not about health)

#17: Science: jib jab videos, some boyfriend goss

#18: Remaking year 8 videos

#19: Casually memorising the Hajj with TN

#20: The best Halloween yet!

#21: Jogging to 1989

#22: Reese's Peanut Buttercups and music at CM's

#23: Laughing at my Doc Martins

#24: A little prank on TN

#25: Top mark and Disney in commerce

#26: Goodberries cookies n cream <3

#27: A Friday of no homework

#28: A bit of an Awkward marathon

#29: Hot guys with PM

#30: I got a present in yearbook meeting

#31: Watching the music video for Blank Space

#32: The confidence to start/join conversations

#33: Roman Mysteries is literally the funniest thing

#34: A little trip to Costco with KM and BN

#35: A pineapple shirt, Tammy and a dinner for the curious

#36: Making/eating delicious lolly cones

#37: Hanging posters with TN


#39: netball... up until I possibly broke my wrist!

#40: I think my wrist is just sprained, but some of the support you get when people think it's broken...

#41: A 2 hour long chat down at the front

#42: Mockingjay <3

#43: A new pair of high waisted shorts, and lush lip scrub and lip balm

#44: Commerce market day stalls

#45: Those drama plays were great :')

#46: The positive side to the religion excursion was that all the year 9s were together.  Today was different.

#47: Trench wars in history

#48: Bucket list writing with TN

#49: Food is thrown and eaten at Wasabi Tepanyaki

#50: That Filipino coconut butter cake was pretty amazing

#51: Faking It is an amazing TV show

#52: I won 3 awards!

#53: PE and summer rain

#54: Gallipoli was a sad movie, but it was so good

#55: The last day of school calls for a weirdo sleepover

#56: post-sleepover malling

#57: A paintball party with awesome friends and awesome presents

#58: A mass load of snap chats all day :)

#59: The adventures of M and TN

#60: trip back in time, watching Dance Academy and staying up til 4am talking

#61: Hey let's go to the mall and bring AM

#62: A dance concert on the 15th birthday

#63: An almost all-nighter with the suppliers and the baes

#64: Comparing sleepover notes with DN

#65: Finally getting off that plane into Kuala Lumpur

#66: Malaysian food is so good

#67: Batu Caves with the cousin and the cousin's cousins

#68: good food (roti canai and Nandos) and good conversations

#69: Brooke and Mike on Blue Water High

#70: H&M with SL

#71: The Edge of Tomorrow

#72: Shopping on Orchard Road with June

#73: Catching up with June again ;)

#74: The Luge on Sentosa Island

#75: Kinikuniya is a wonderland of books, I got lots of clothes, and it's Christmas!

#76: Opening late Christmas presents in Klang

#77: That comic anime festival thing.  Seeing something new for a change.

#78: caramel popcorn, Night at the Museum and loving my blog again

#79: The beginning of Full Metal Alchemist

#80: Teasing WJ and seeing the giant apartment

#81: Swimming laps and feeling healthy for the first time in ages

#82: I actually liked climbing Penang Hill

#83: I found wifi downstairs and got henna

#84: table tennis and a laptop by the pool

#85: YY's laugh and her cute little hugs

#86: chasing YY around the house

#87: I have these beautiful sparkly blue nails

#88: These TV shows and movies have got me grinning like an idiot

#89: White chocolate and macadamia subway cookies

#90: Trying on tops at Forever 21

#91: Rookie Yearbook 3 and Stuck in Love

#92: A little shopping spree with June in KLCC

#93: Roti canai with funny people

#94: The Bling Ring...

#95: A surprisingly fun time with DW

#96: A midnight chat on educated stuff with DL

#97: Running and ultimate Frisbee with the family in the stadium

#98: Badminton and good food as a last hurrah before we leave

#99: I arrived home

#100: Tumblr polaroids and lanterns and texting TN again

Now I'm pretty sure you didn't actually read every single one of those days.  But I'm hoping you at least picked up a few happy moments along the way.  Just typing these moments out makes me nostalgic. 

Well, I can tell you that day #101 has been pretty nice...

I guess this post is proof that there is something good in every day, if I managed to come up with 100 in a row.  So let's look forward to the many happy days to come.