Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Escape to Sydney

It's finally the school holidays, and every holidays my family makes the three hour karaoke filled drive up to Sydney!  We stay there for around three days in our favourite hotel, Holiday Inn, which is right next to China Town and Darling Harbour, the best location in my opinion.  Here's a little summary of our better than average little trip...

On the first day we went to a Malaysian festival, where we ate Malaysian food and learnt a bit about the culture.  I'm Malaysian by the way.

I think Malaysian people from Malaysia are generally really little.  I look so big in comparison!
A representation of a Malay wedding...

This food actually wasn't very yummy...

 But this was... Mmm satay and roti canai <3

And on the next day my sister and I did some sibling bonding, through photos anyway.
We walked from Macquarie's Chair to Circular Quay and the Rocks in the burning hot sun.  It's not even summer yet...

My sister's face has been drawn over for privacy issues.  Hope you're appreciating my badly drawn pink smiley face :)


 And then there was the Bridge Climb
We did this with a friend from Canberra, who also happened to be in Sydney at the same time.  Together we climbed all 1437 steps of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and honestly, it wasn't even hard.  The view was so beautiful and we even saw the place where Dance Academy, one of my favourite TV shows, was filmed, which was a bonus.
We climbed during the twilight session so we got to see the beautiful sunset.

And then, after the sunset, we could see all the sparkling city lights and roads and roads of traffic below...

Of course, when you go to Sydney, you can't not go shopping.  My mum, sister and I went window shopping along the very busy and long George Street.
There was a huge Cotton On and a large variety of clothing and food shops lined up on one side or the other of a honking busy road.  Here's the clothes I ended up buying...
There was also a ginormous Dymocks, my favourite book shop, which was three stories high, the biggest I've seen yet.  The YA section was like a mini heaven to me.  I managed to get two books I've been dying to read.  Imagine my surprise when I found The Queen of Zombie Hearts.  I hadn't even known it had come out yet!

And of course we managed to find ourselves some food too.  Adriana Zumbo's macarons are the best (and unfortunately the most expensive).
And now I'm back in small boring little Canberra, which is actually okay.  Sometimes it's good to return home and do a little relaxing.  I can't wait until my next trip to Sydney!  Just know that I'm jealous of all you people who live in a big city where window shopping is actually possible.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

A Flower Festival

Every year in the small city I live in, where nothing happens, there is a flower festival.  Floriade is the biggest flower show in Australia and it's beautiful.  There's loads of stalls, a couple of rides, a lake and most importantly, masses of colourful flowers everywhere!  It's the perfect place to take photos ;) 

There were so many people there and from the ferris wheel, you could see the flowers arranged in pictures and patterns.

One was of the world map, which I thought was so cool.
Floriade also has this little gnome painting area where we managed to paint the ugliest gnome.  Sorry to spoil all the pretty images.

Then we decided to walk out of the Floriade area and towards the lake.  We got this next pic on the first try.  Talk about impressive.

We also went to a place I hadn't been to since those birthday parties in primary school, the underground playground.
Haha here's me trying to climb onto the ledge, gracefully.

There's tunnels and stuff under the stone, which is why it's underground.

While at Floriade we even saw a bunch of other people from our school which was nice.  Although they totally copied our jumping photo after we showed them.  And yes I'm annoyed, but only because their's was a little better than ours.  Hey, at least we got it on our first try.  They had to jump like 20 times.

Haha a little finger blur in there.

And that's Floriade!!  Honestly, I've gone every year I've been here so I usually find it a little boring with a lack of stuff to do.  But surprisingly this year was amazingly fun.  So if you're ever in Canberra, Australia during the Spring, you should definitely come check out Floriade.


Wednesday, 24 September 2014


I've spent this whole week literally just stressing out.  I had an audition on Monday and I've been drowning in all my last minute assessments.  There's been Latin, health, maths, and luckily my commerce group report due date has been moved to Friday, allowing me to have time to post today.

I would really like to help you prevent this horrible feeling I've been feeling all week.  I've been having a complete lack of sleep due to my anxiety and late night preparation, and now I'm as tired as ever.  The thing is, most of the stuff you lose sleep over ends up being totally fine.  So really, what's the point of worrying when you could be getting the rest that's much needed.

Here's some tips on how you could prevent stress:

1. Get it over and done with

If you're stressing over not getting an assignment done or not having enough time, just do it now.  If you have a problem with someone, just confront them.  That way you can go to sleep not worrying about how or when.  Instead you'll be sleeping satisfied, knowing that your work is finished.  Just stick it out and do it.  I know it's hard, but stop procrastinating.  It just builds up inside you and makes everything worse.  Once you've confronted or fixed the issue, it will be gone, hopefully for good.

2. Make a plan of action

Okay, so for some issues you're unable to get it over and done with at this very moment.  For example if you have a scary performance tomorrow, or you've got a problem with a friend.  Instead of stressing, why not make a plan on how you're going to fix this problem.  At least you'll be doing something productive about the issue.  Make yourself a study schedule, practice for the speech or performance, decide what you're going to say to your friend.  Trust me.  Once you've locked in exactly what you're going to do, you'll sleep easier.  At least you'll have a solid solution and view of how this problem will disappear.

3. Be positive

Okay, so if you've already fixed the problem or you've got a plan on how to, you really have nothing to be stressing about.  If you're worried about the plan you've concocted and the consequences, don't be.  You've thought of this solution for a reason and that's because it's probable that it'll all work out.  You've already assessed all the consequences while planning your solution, so don't second guess yourself. 

And if you're still stressing, try doing one of these activities...

Writing definitely helps.  I know I do it all the time in my diary or on this blog.  If you're worried about something, write down the problem and you might even find that it's not even really a problem.  Otherwise, think of solutions and write them down.  These will serve as a reminder and incentive to actually go through with it.  Writing also helps because putting thoughts into words makes them so much clearer.

Listen to peaceful music
And by peaceful I mean slow, not that meditation instrumental stuff.  Try songs like Halo by BeyoncĂ©, Stay by Rihanna or Back to December by Taylor Swift.  They help you wind down.  No angry rap music!

Go for a jog or something, and this time you can listen to faster music.  Exercise clears your head and while jogging you might think things through and realise there's nothing to stress about.  Or you could just be really unfit and feel so dead you don't have any energy to stress.

Talk to someone
Honestly, whenever I'm stressed about something I rant to a friend (or many friends) over text.  Chances are at least someone will be stressing over the same thing as you.  After all, you all go to the same school and are going through the same assignments and know the same friends.  I don't know why, but seeing other people stressed makes you less stressed.  Maybe I'm just mean.  Also talk to your mum.  She'll always have a mind full of clarity and advice, unless she's strict.  Then she might just yell at you.

So yeah, I hope this has helped and I hope none of you feel stressed.


Sunday, 21 September 2014

A Birthday Day

I'm aware it's almost 11pm on a Sunday night but I just really wanted to share my day with you guys.  I think I'm just a little obsessed with posting on this blog.  Sigh, why is it that I'm always so busy when I have stuff to blog about.  I swear I'm living like a zombie with no sleep.

Anyway, today was a pretty good day.  I even wore a skirt for once, just to change things up for the warmer weather a little.

There were two birthdays to celebrate!  Although, I admit, one of them actually happened two months ago, but hey the party was today.  So today was my friend's birthday party and my Mum's birthday.  Yes, I'm aware that I went to a birthday party on my Mum's birthday and I should be feeling a little guilty, but hey, she was totally fine with it and wanted to relax anyway.

I reckon this whole birthday thing today had an overall theme of food.  First of all, the party was a baking party.  That means the regular party food, plus lunch, PLUS the added bonus of the stuff we baked.  Although, I didn't actually bake all that much seeing as I'm not the best at doing things in the kitchen.  We made chocolate mousse, spinach and feta pie and citrus cupcakes.  The mousse turned out good, the pie was yummy but as for the cupcakes... well... Let's just say feeding them to people has now become a practical joke. 

The presents people give at parties nowadays are so much nicer than the ones people used to give in primary school.  There's all the nail polish, nice smelling things, room deco, stuff you actually want.  I got her a cute purse and some pretty bracelets. 

I even got myself a purse on the way ;)

For my Mum's birthday we had a celebratory dinner with some family friends.  Oh gosh this was so difficult to stomach after the baking party, but the food at the restaurant was just so good...

I also painted my Mum some very peaceful paintings, because she's pretty into all that meditation calmness stuff.

So yeah, I think I'll end my post there with a Happy Birthday to my lovely Mummy.

Now it's time to pay the price of a good day by remembering how much Latin I haven't studied and how little time I have.  I also have an important audition early tomorrow morning.  What am I doing with my life?