Wednesday, 14 December 2016

What Summer Looks Like

Freedom came in the form of finally being able to spend all the money in my bank account like there was no tomorrow.  Skirts, shorts, sunglasses and summer dresses were purchased in preparation for the days to come.  To live a life that is visually appealing is to live a life infinitely better.

Sunny days with music, good company and food can be all that you need.  An activity as mundane as taking a seat by a glistening lake to have a bite only needs the right people.  It's in the summer that you have the inkling feeling that you must go outside.  There's no need for dark movie theatres or sitting inside restaurants.  It's time to explore and go on adventures.  It's time to be languid and soak up the yellow rays coming your way.

In those final forgotten moments of the school year when results are given and sometimes they are disappointing, reckless loud music and fast drives may be the correct therapy.  To drown out failures for a little while can give some calm perspective later on.  To talk about the consequences or lack of, with no withholding and absolute honesty, is also important.  School can be harsh, but summer makes it better.

A little competition can spice things up.  In a scavenger hunt around the city, people are compelled to go skinny dipping and talk to strangers.  With the sun shining and girls forced to go walking, many little adventures happen on the same day.  And at the end?  Slurpees and donuts for all.

With girls who drive and blast the music, who love hills, photography and watching the sunset, you feel pure freedom and adventure.  As my 17th year was approaching, I wanted nothing more than to feel exactly that.  Nature is for taking photos and sunroofs are for standing and feeling the wind up winding mountains.  Something new, something scandalous and something yummy makes for the perfect day.