Saturday, 21 February 2015

A Bundle of Questions, Answers and Facts

I've been nominated for quite a few tags in the last month or so, so I've decided to make one giant blob of a post out of all the ones I can find.  The thing is, questions are actually really fun to answer, but I'm not so sure if they're fun to read the answers of if you're not the one answering them.  Well, at least I'll know I had fun making up answers for these.  Hopefully.

And sorry if I missed out any tags!!

Okay, so let's start with the One Lovely Blog Award.  Thanks so much Emily @Dance Dolly Mine for the nomination!  Her blog is absolutely adorable so you should go check it out. 

So this tag is pretty straightforward.  All I have to do is...
  1. Thank the person who nominated me
  2. Add the logo to the post
  3. Share 7 facts about myself
  4. And nominate 15 bloggers I admire, commenting on their blog to let them know of their nomination
7 facts about me... It's actually harder than it looks.

1. I am a very avid procrastinator.  In fact, I'm doing this post as a form of procrastination.  Why not spend an hour answering questions people asked me weeks ago instead of tagging my English book?  That sounds like a very reasonable thing to do.

2. I'm looking for a job.  I mean, I want to become more independent, do more with my life than come home after school or loiter in random places.  I want it to be part time of course, and it's a good way to earn some money.  I've started applying for Target and McDonalds and big corporations like that, but if any of you have part time jobs in customer service or retail, please leave a comment about your experience and how you got the job below.  It'll be really helpful!!

 3. My wall is covered in sticky notes.  You see, I'm redecorating my room, and it looks cute.  I thought it would be a good way to remind myself to do stuff.  Although I really haven't done a lot of it.

4. My reading light needs changing.  Haha sorry.  I was just reading one of the sticky notes off the wall.  I actually do want that changed though because I read every night.  There's a suitable fact!

5. I exercise twice a day on weekdays.  A jog in the morning.  A small workout when I get home.  Usually.  Maybe.  Most days.  Hopefully.  Haha I'm actually pretty proud of myself, not that I've been cutting back the unhealthy eating all that much.

6. Tomorrow I'm volunteering at the colour run.  It's part of my community service requirements to finish 20 hours in order to go to the year 10 formal.  So far I've done 6, because I volunteered at the Weet-bix Triathlon last weekend, and it's actually so fun!!

7. I watch Pretty Little Liars.  Okay, so the show may be pushing its season limit, but no matter how draggy it gets, I will probably still keep watching it.

Okay, well that was 7 facts done.  Once I got into it, it was actually way easier than it looks.  We have so many things to say about ourselves that we could probably go on until infinity, if we were that good at procrastination. 

Here's the people I'm nominating (only for the lovely blog award.  If you're for something else, keep scrolling down) ...

Katie @Katie Lilly
Jollygirl @Reflections of a Jolly Girl
Darci @Freedom of Excess
Stacie @Life is Worth the Fight
Tegan @Permanent Procrastination
Kate @Clover and Dot
Noor @A Little Bit of Sunshine
? @Soomsies
Rachel @A Little World of Rachel
? @Smiles No Matter
Samantha @Samantha Heather
Allie @Rainy Allie
Rebecca @From Roses
Louann @Little Steps Big Heart
India @Touch Screens and Beauty Queens

Onto the next tag, The Infinity Dreams Award and the Liebster award!  They're basically the same so I'm just combining them into one.  Thanks Eve @Pen and Key, Khaoula @Shared Thoughts and Another Teen on the Web for nominating me.  These guys have lovely relatable blogs, so check them out as well.  Since there's been three nominations, I guess that means I get triple the facts, questions and nominees.  Yayy!!?

Here's what I have to do for this one:
  • Thank and follow the blog that has nominated me
  • Tell all you lovelies 11 (x3) facts about myself
  • Answer the questions set for me
  • Nominate 11 (x3) bloggers and set questions for them
I know I said triple the facts before, but 33 is really too much so I'm just gonna be lazy and stick with 11.  It can count for all of them, right?  11 facts here we go...

1. I play two instruments.  The piano and the trombone, which I try my best to practice.  Playing music can either be surprisingly relaxing, or a tiresome chore.  But sometimes running your fingers accurately across piano keys can be the best feeling in the world.

2. I recently read a book called All Fall Down.  It was by Ally Carter who is an amazing author.  If you haven't read any of her books, I suggest you do.  They're about teenage spies, thieves, that kind of international secret thing.

3. I am waiting on my ang pow.  If you're Asian, you should know what I mean.  Chinese New Year has come and gone and I'm still waiting for my mother to hand over those red envelopes full of cash.

4. I have a pineapple fetish.  Pineapple speaker.  Pineapple pegs to hold up my polaroids.  Pineapple shaped thing from typo.  Pineapple phone case.  Hawaiian pizza ;)

5. I have a little sister.  Sisters have complicated relationships.  It's a mix between rivalry, annoyance and love.  She recently came back from camp (like yesterday) and I missed her loads, but at the same time am so happy she wasn't in the car on the way to school ready to annoy me with her open windows, and also comparing her camp experience to mine.  Mine was way better, just FYI.

6. I keep a diary.  Words are thoughts, and if you can physically see your thoughts, it's so much easier to analyse them.

7. I'm looking for work experience.  It's another requirement for year 10 here to spend a week doing work experience.  Going to a work place and either observing or doing, depending on the job and the qualification needed, for 5 days.  Dolly Magazine no longer does work experience, and I tried for psychiatry through a contact but it's a very confidential topic that one.  Again, if any of you have ever done work experience, please comment below.  I need help!!

8. Oh and since I'm asking for help in these facts.  I also need to learn how to write a resume.  Any tips?

9. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.  I'm thinking something to do with medicine, like a specialist doctor, or something to do with business, like working my way up to become a partner.  More abstract jobs that I'm way too scared to consider would be anything to do with writing.  Not report writing, but fiction or magazine lifestyle.

10. My life is so so planned.  School, which has a complete set schedule.  Uni, which will have that too.  Get a job.  That's my life.  But what if something came in between?

11. Speaking of spontaneity, I want to travel.  See more things.  The mind needs more experiences to expand.  And I want that.  I want to not know what I'm going to do tomorrow, without being unemployed and living on the streets.

Well, those facts got a little deep at the end there.  Now to answer some questions...

1) What do you like about blog awards?

They connect people!  I know I love looking through the people nominated when I have time, discovering new blogs and new opinions.  I also love answering the questions, I've got to admit.  Opinions and thoughts are everything, both reading them and making them, and that's what tags are all about.

2) Name one destination you want to visit and one you don't.

I really want to go to Italy and see the colosseum.  I do Latin, and there's a trip at the end of this year, so hopefully I'll get to go.  There's actually such a violent history but I love the gods and superstitions of the Romans.  And their baths and towns and weird but wonderful way of living.  For any Cambridge Latin Course readers, who's loving the soap opera of these stories?  Grumio and his affair?  Modestus and his big shoulders?  Slave girls giving kisses?

As for somewhere I don't want to go, Afghanistan.  Conflict means dangerous, which means it's more possible that you will die.  And I don't want to die.

3) What's your dream job?

Probably a very successful actress or singer.  I mean, who wouldn't want to be like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift or Jennifer Lawrence?  Too bad I can't sing or act.

4) What are you never without (phone is not allowed)

I would say phone, but seeing as it's not allowed... umm... probably my glasses or contacts.  I mean, being able to see is a very important thing, even though I may be too vain to wear my glasses at times.

5) What is your favourite film or film series?

I've seen so many good movies, and I love so many of them, and I'm sorry I can't come up with a better answer here but... She's the Man

6) Who is your favourite author?  What is your favourite book of theirs?

I absolutely love Cassandra Clare and the utter complications of her characters and stories.  The world she's created is so developed it's almost real.  My favourite book by her is the Clockwork Princess.

I also really like Jenny Han because who doesn't love sweet romances?  My favourite by her is To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

7) What is your prized possession?

Probably this laptop.  I literally couldn't live without it.  My blog, stories, homework, email...

8) What toppings are on your ideal pizza?

I love Hawaiian pizza and Hawaiian pizza is the one.  Haha so that's ham, pineapple and cheese <3

9) What is your favourite blog post of yours?

Hmm.. I don't know.  Probably the Pretty or Ugly one.  I was pretty proud of that at the time.  Or maybe The Oldest Documents, because nostalgia is my specialty.

10) Pick a you tuber to live with (not romantically)

Zoella.  I just want someone to do my makeup and give me tips on room decoration.  And we could do you tube tags together!!!!  She actually seems like the sweetest person.

11) Age old question: which came first, the chicken or the egg?

To me it sounds like Eve here ran out of questions to ask.  Haha.  I say the egg.  Chickens hatch from eggs.  So the first chicken must've hatched from somewhere.

Half way there.  Here come the next set...

1) Who is your celebrity crush?

At the moment it's Dylan O'Brien.  Oh yes he's adorable <3  Go watch the first time.  At first I didn't like him all that much, but then I watched that movie and then the Internship again and in glasses he's even cuter!!

2) Fruit or vegetables?

Grapes, watermelon, mango, apple, pear, lychee, raspberry, strawberries... they all taste better than spinach.  So fruits I guess.  I mean, why do we have fruit flavoured lollies rather than vegetable flavoured lollies?  The word fruit even sounds more attractive.

3) Your top 3 favourite blogs

Yours @Another Teen on the Web because it's so funny and relatable
J's @Journeys of My Beating Heart because I love and miss my Juney
the girls @Rookie Magazine because they write about the most intriguing mind expanding stuff

4) What is one talent you wish you had?

I wish I were more flexible.  Right now I can't even touch my toes and my inflexibility is seriously affecting the way I work out.  I feel like I'm not doing it right because I can't bend or follow the guidelines exactly.  Why am I so stiff?

5) What is your favourite food?

It's probably butter popcorn.  I can never get enough of the stuff at movies.  Put a bowl in front of me and I'll continuously eat it until it's gone. The stuff makes me excited.  Literally so excited.

6) If you could choose your last sentence ever what would it be?

This is such an interesting question.  I'm gonna go cliché and make it be "I love you" to whoever I love most at the time, whether it's my kids or my husband.  Whatever.  Or "I have no regrets." because I really do want to be happy with the life I've lived.

7) Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

I truly do love my Facebook, but INSTAGRAM all the way.  That app is the most addictive thing and I stalk and I post and I obsess and I loveeeee it.

8) If you were stranded on a desert island who would you want it to be?

I'm assuming there should be a with at the end of that.  Umm... if I'm stranded and there's no way out of this situation, I'd want it to be with a very capable hot guy my age.  His dad will have taught him how to camp and all that, and he'll be very important and wealthy so they'll probably find us eventually.  And this boy will happen to be my soul mate.  The end. <3

9) What is your favourite subject in school?

I'm liking science at the moment.  Chemistry is fairly interesting, and balancing equations is definite like maths, except I feel like I'm applying it to something real.  Something I could touch (and would probably burn my skin with because it's acid).

10) What is/was your least favourite subject at school?

Last year it was compulsory to take geography, and that was a nightmare.

11) Most embarrassing moment of your life, ever.

I've embarrassed myself a lot in life, but nothing stands out as an ever.  Let's just go with yesterday when I burped really loud in maths and my friend next to me yelled "M....".  I said, "It felt like the right time to do it.  It's not like anybody heard."  And then the girl behind us said, "I heard."  And people everyone around us started laughing.

Okay, last 11... I can do this...

1) What is the number one reason you started your blog?

At the time it was because June did, but I don't think that's a sufficient answer for how much I love my blog now.  I have a blog because I want to share my opinions and thoughts.  It makes me feel like my thoughts are worth shouting out, and I love reading the comments, people's thoughts on my thoughts.  Blogging has actually given me so much confidence, and it's probably improved my English too

2) When not blogging, what do you do for fun?

Honestly, I spend a lot of my time at home either blogging, reading or watching TV or movies.  I guess it's either expand my mind through blogs, or live a new life through books and movies.  Other than that, I'll probably found at a mall or at a lake or just sitting in front of the school talking.  The things I find the most fun though are the activities or tasks I normally wouldn't be doing on a regular basis.

3) Who or what inspires?

People inspire people.  I love listening to Taylor Swift's music, and the poetry of her lyrics, even though they're just about her petty life that is just as petty as ours' but aren't all that petty at all.  Other blogs are inspiring.  Opinions are inspiring.  Talking to people inspires you to think of new things in a new way.  Experiences are inspiring.  Stories are inspiring, true or not.

4) What are you most passionate about?

Life in general.  Balance.  Myself (which isn't actually selfish or vain).  Think of your future, exercise and eat healthily, do what you love, develop new skills, learn to socialise well, have a little fun, expand your mind to new ideas, be undefinable, but always be prepared and always try to stay ahead as best as you can.

5) What is your favourite movie?

I already answered this and I'm already ashamed but She's the Man

6) If you could change one thing about this world what would it be?

I would say to stop world hunger, to let the environment be forever healthy or something that would definitely help billions of people.  But we need the bad things as well as the good.  We need to face problems in society or we'll create new ones, and I don't want humans to lose all the mistakes of humanity, so I wouldn't change this world at all.

7) What's your greatest fear?

I don't want to miss out on experiences in my life.  I want to feel all emotions on the spectrum and do everything.  I know that's not possible but I at least want to know I've lived to the fullest.  My greatest fear is that I'll die without having loved life.

8) Best book you've read recently?

All Fall Down by Ally Carter.  Love her.  Love the mystery.  I've already mentioned this in this post though, so my advice to you would be to just search the book up.

9) What is your favourite season of the year?

Summer!  It's the holidays, it's my birthday, it's Christmas, it's nice and warm and nobody cares if you wear comfortable clothes.  It's just so much more relaxed, and so much more prone for adventure.

10) If you had to live in a decade other than the current one, which one would you choose?

In history we were learning about the Roaring 20s, and they sounded pretty interesting, like a giant decade long party.  I know a lot of people had trouble in that decade, recovering from World War 1, but I wonder what it would be like to be a Flapper, feeling indecent wearing a loose dress that covers everything.

11) What is your favourite animal?

For so many years it was a rabbit.  You see, I'm born in the year of a rabbit.  Then it was a Siberian tiger, because they're just so beautiful.  But now I'm going to go with a dog, because they're the best unconditionally loving adorable pets.

Freakin hell those questions took freakin forever.  Gawd.  Maybe I'll leave the rest of the tags and finish this post later.  Just wow.

Here's who I'm nominating... and I won't be nominating 33 blogs... I think 11's good ;)

Neri @My Life in a Tab
Stephanie @Petite Pastels
Kate @The Goodness Revolt
Maddy @How to: Lyfe
Tshi @365 Paper Dolls
Vanshi @Upwardss
Arushee @Unadorned Gifts
Sarah @Forever Changed
Sammie @Sammie the Star Girl
Salha @Salha Abuhayar
Yasmine @Cloudy Dreams

And here's your 11 questions you amazing bloggers you
  1. Why do you blog?
  2. What are on your bedroom walls?
  3. Type out some lyrics you love.
  4. Describe one of your friends in lots of detail, without naming them.
  5. One photo.  Any photo, as long as it's of you or taken by you.
  6. What's the last book you read, and what are your thoughts?
  7. Share a good blog post from any blog, including yours
  8. Share a story of something that happened recently.
  9. Go on facebook and message someone you haven't talked to in at least a year, or someone you've never spoken to at all.  If you don't have facebook just text, call or go visit.  What was your conversation?  Word for word:
  10. What are your thoughts on selfies?
  11. What's your favourite movie and why do you like it?
Good luck!

And now for the final tag.  This has been some really good procrastination.  I've eaten up almost 2 hours of my time now.  Wow.

Thanks so much The Fashion Cheetah for nominating me for the Best Blogging Buddies Award!!

Here's what I have to do:
  1. Make a post to show the award on my main blog
  2. Tag the person who nominated me in the post (and also take the cute owl with me)
  3. Nominate all my best buddies, and the people who I want to be buddies with, who, to my knowledge, have not been nominated yet
  4. Ask at least 15 questions in my post
  5. Answer the questions my buddy asked me in this post
Okay, so I guess those weren't the last 11, because I have 15 more questions to answer...

1) Favourite season?

Summer!  This was literally asked 3 questions ago.  Haha

2) Worst movie ever?

The Mortal Instruments: The City of Bones.  They did such injustice to the book and Jace especially.  He's meant to be hot and golden and have abs and look like Alex Pettyfer.  But no.  Instead you make him anorexic and turn everybody off reading this marvellous book, including me because I can't stop visualising movie Jace.  Ughh

3) Favourite song?

New Romantics by Taylor Swift.  Just write out all the lyrics and stare at them.  You'll get it.

4) What was the last book you read?

Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight by Alexandra Fuller.  It was a very confronting complicated book.  Every chapter has been muddled together in my brain and I need to make sense of all the themes rather than just everything smushed together into one general feeling.

5) Do you enjoy sewing?

Not a chance.  I took textiles in year 7 so I know how, but you won't ever find me sewing, even if it's my button that's fallen off, or my hem that needs raising.

6) Do you have any hobbies?

I'd consider blogging a hobby (even though I reckon it's more than that).  I guess writing and drawing count too, but everything else I do is so much more structured it's more a skill or class than a hobby.

7) What camera do you use?

My iPhone 4 camera?  Hahaha sorry.  This person writing isn't a photographer, although I do appreciate a good photograph.

8) What colour is your hair?

Black.  Even blacker than the usual Asian black.  It's just so so black.  You might say that's impossible.  It must at least be dark brown.  But it's actually legitimately black.

9) Favourite kind of cake?

A subtle cheese cake with a little berry flavour, or a chocolate mousse cake.  Let's just go with the chocolate mousse cake.

10) Do you wear makeup?

I honestly wish I could say yes, but it's gotta be a no.  I mean, eye liner and mascara make my eyes look 10 times prettier in my opinion, but I can't be bothered and it's not allowed in school anyway, even though that's a flimsy excuse.

11) Do you absolutely positively adore Starbucks?

I like the idea of adoring Starbucks but no.  I don't.  They only sell coffee!  Pretty much every drink there will have that bitter taste and I just don't like it very much.  Their hot chocolate is pretty good though.

12) Do you enjoy tags?

Right now?  No.

13) Favourite store?

I'm missing Malaysia and H&M!  Apparently they have one in Sydney or Melbourne or both so I'll be begging to go there soon enough.

14) Do you follow me?

Well it would be awkward if I said no, and I'm pretty sure I do, so yes. ;)

15) Do you knit?

I actually did at one stage but that was back when I had loads of time to waste.  I guess I have that now, seeing as I'm here, but lol no.  I don't knit.

And now to nominate my "best buddies".  You guys are special because along with the 11 questions I've already asked, you get to answer 4 more.

Catriona @Miss Write
June @Journeys of My Beating Heart
Neal @Daily Diaries
? @Another Teen on the Web
Khaoula @Shared Thoughts
Chelsea @The Girl Who Loved to Write
Eve @Pen and Key
? @Paranoid Puppet
Sara @Sara Wallflower

Haha okay, here's the 11 questions from before if you can't be bothered to scroll up:
  1. Why do you blog?
  2. What are on your bedroom walls?
  3. Type out some lyrics you love.
  4. Describe one of your friends in lots of detail, without naming them.
  5. One photo.  Any photo, as long as it's of you or taken by you.
  6. What's the last book you read, and what are your thoughts?
  7. Share a good blog post from any blog, including yours
  8. Share a story of something that happened recently.
  9. Go on facebook and message someone you haven't talked to in at least a year, or someone you've never spoken to at all.  If you don't have facebook just text, call or go visit.  What was your conversation?  Word for word:
  10. What are your thoughts on selfies?
  11. What's your favourite movie and why do you like it?
And here's your 4 more:

    12. What's a quote you love and why do you love it?
    13. Have you ever been kissed?
    14. What country do you live in and what's it like?
    15. Write a paragraph on your train of thought.  Anything that comes into your head.


I wonder if anyone actually read the whole thing because honestly, I would have skipped over a lot of it.  Oh well.  To all you nominees, I'm looking forward to reading answers to my questions. ;) ;)


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Well-made Movies These Days

I haven't watched a Friday night movie in months.  I don't watch chick flicks regularly anymore.  Instead I've been out and watched movies on the big screen, movies that are layered, works of art.  Movies that are anticipated as they come, and when they're finally released receive publicity and stellar reviews.  They're movies of complicated morals, of true stories of remarkable people, of interesting and entertaining concepts.  These movies stay with you for days after you've watched them.

Some time in the holidays I watched Big Hero 6.  I'd say it was a mix between a Disney film and a Marvel film.  If any of you enjoy Marvel movies, you'll know that they're extremely complicated and also entirely possible to a certain extent.  They're stretching the boundaries of science to the point where you debate whether what they're doing is right or not.  The characters are so blurred between good and bad that you're not sure if the villain is a true villain, or if the hero is a good person at all.  Maybe they're all good characters, having just gone through some difficult times.  Experiences do make a person.

Big Hero 6 was one of these morally complicated movies, but much cuter seeing as it was a Disney film.  Was the bad guy really all that bad?  And I mean the bad guy in the end, who comes as a great surprise.  He did have a reason to act the way he did.  And what about the bad guy they thought was bad all along?  Was he actually innocent, just pushing the boundaries of experiments and knowledge too far?  And what about the main character, Hiro?  Was he so blinded by his brother's death that he would do anything, no matter how ruthless?  But I reckon, as long as Hiro helped save the day in the end, he was a hero (haha Hiro hero.  Get it?).

Another thing about this movie that stuck to me was the complete puffiness and frankness of Baymax, and the handshake.  *fist bump* deleleleleleh

At the debating thing I went to, we ended up watching The Imitation Game which is about Alan Turing, the man who invented the first computer, and his experience using this to crack the Enigma (a German coding device that sent out attack messages).  He was a brilliant yet extremely awkward man, preferring to work alone and unlikeable, but once gaining obedience and respect from his fellow teammates, which took a while, managing to create a solution for the practically impossible code.  Throughout the story we see Alan's past experiences, showing us why he's the way he is, and why he's trying to build this machine.  He is also homosexual, which is misunderstood as indecency and against the law in Britain at this time.

The thing about this movie is that it's entirely true.  Every saddening event that happens is true.  Alan really did help to end World War 2, saving many lives, but not having a very happy one of his own.  The thing about true stories is that they make you twice as emotional and hit you twice as hard. 

The movie has Kiera Knightly in it, just letting you know ;)

Another movie I saw in the last few weeks was Kingsman, which is a much much happier movie.  It's a British spy movie filled with big stars such as Colin Firth and Michael Cain.  The main character was pretty good looking too, and stylish with the glasses and suit at the end.  It's one of those movies where the main character came from the slums with a terrible domestic life and supposedly no future ahead.  But then, he gets himself into a place filled with posh people who look down on him, and is forced to compete against them for a spot in the Kingsman spy organisation.

Here's just a little quote from the movie that I really liked.  "A suit is the modern man's suit of armour."

It's such a modern film, referring to stars such as Iggy Azaela and using that really funny raw British humour in British accents.  The villain is some kind of wifi supplier and the issue is somehow morally complicated and completely hilarious at the same time.  There's so many scenes where what happens should be making you cry or scream in shock, but instead make you laugh, even in those incredibly gruesome scenes.

There's also one of those posh horse-riding-polo-playing-boarding-school British girls.

And the latest movie I watched was last night.  The Theory of Everything, based on Stephen Hawking's life. 

Anyone living with Motor Neuron Disease or living with someone with it must be an incredible strong person.  Stephen Hawking is a brilliant man, setting the basis of so many concepts and modern sciences today, being the man who discovered the big bang.  We see his obsession with time, and why time is so important to him, and how time can effect everything.  Time is such a major theme.  I wonder if anyone will ever find that one simple equation that sums up the beginning of the universe to the end.  The theory of everything.

His wife is also such a strong woman.  She fought for him.  Without her he wouldn't have lived as long as he has.  She loved him.  She was artsy, he was scientific, she liked English, he liked maths.  They all saw her as fragile and warned her away, but she stayed and she stayed for so long.  She tried so hard, and it must've been somewhat miserable living a life like that.  Maybe that's why she had to leave on mutual terms.

The movie had a happy ending but coming out I still felt so sad.  I still do.  The disease sounds like something out of anyone's nightmares.  Never being able to move.  But somehow he does it.  I wonder if a mind as brilliant as his needs to focus only on the mind, and doesn't have space to focus on movement or muscles.  He's so successful and they all end up in the best situations possible, but it still brings tears to the back of my eyes.

Being a true story, the movie had a massive impact.

Eddie Redmayne is also an amazing actor.  I know he can sing, from Les Miserables, and he's actually so cute.  Even at the beginning of the movie Stephen had awkward movements.  He was tall and lanky and wearing black framed glasses, and he was positively adorable.  I think I like guys with glasses, not that it matters all that much.

I suggest you watch all these movies, and do it right away.

I've discovered that movies are works of art, like a painting, made layer by layer, scene by scene, in only a particular order.  Stories are knowledge.  They may not all be factual, but they have the capacity to open your mind.

I admire the people who live them, which includes the creators imagining every moment in their minds, living it.

They let me in on remarkable experiences.


Saturday, 14 February 2015

A Social Media Obsession

I was meant to be writing about a healthy habit I've taken up in the last month, but I'm not feeling very healthy habbit-y today.  Instead I've got a very unhealthy habit that's burning away hours of my life, and I find that I'm not getting much done at all, letting the hours pass from 6 to 7 to 8 and wondering where they went.

Okay, so I'm not saying social media is a bad thing.  It's an amazing thing!  It's so amazing and endless that I can't stop looking at it.  I'll always return to it.  There's so much knowledge to acquire, and it's not all about what people are doing.  It's also about healthy living and world facts and life in general.  I am expanding my mind in a way, but I think there needs to be a balance.

I also know that there are so many people out there my age who have their phones glued to their hands.  They're constantly online, constantly checking the latest posts.  Even when they're socialising in person, they're still virtually socialising if not to post about their in-person-socialising.  Our generation is either really messed up, or really resourceful.

The thing about this city is that there's so many people, yet it's small enough know every single school, making us all connected in a way.  We also meet so many people in our lives, through sport and moving schools, and it's entertaining seeing how these people have connected with other people who connect to you, or simply seeing how people you used to know are faring now.  What are their lives like?  What kind of person have they become?

And then there's simply finding new people.  They might be a friend of a friend.  They might be someone who's talked about a lot.  They might just be hot.  Stalking is perfectly natural, so much so that no one is embarrassed to admit they stalk people on social media.  I love getting snippets into people's lives, seeing the mass variety of experiences, acquiring more knowledge about our demographic.  It's just interesting.

Another thing I spend my time looking at is celebrities.  Taylor Swift is honestly friends with so many other A-listers.  There's the VS models, Lorde, Selena Gomez... and eventually all of them pretty much connect, like they have their own small city spread across the world.  They link to each other, tag each other, and you end up stalking so many of them, wasting so much time.  Although, I wouldn't say finding out Taylor Swift's video for Style is out was a waste of time.  It was a really cool video, a little weird and intense, but very cool.  I love how the guy comes back in the end.  When we go crashing down we come back every time // coz we never go out of style...

And all the memes and funny videos.  There's always more.  There's always more accounts.  I can't stop looking and laughing and tagging.

Okay, so I'd say my number one social media is Instagram.  Scrolling through your feed is already addictive enough, and it gets even more addictive when you see someone interesting tagged in a photo and you click on them.  It's never ending.  There'll always be more interesting people tagged.  It's the connection thing I described all over again.  And then you find someone you once knew through all the connections and you follow, and you find more.

I also find myself obsessing over who's following who and whether they're following me or following back.  I hate it when someone doesn't follow back.  It's unhealthy but I do.

And am I the only one who bothers to read the comments?

I also love the relatable quotes and memes and scenes, and I even have a second instagram account for this blog, which is like my version of a spam account, except better because it's more about the quotes and memes than me.  I don't understand these private spam accounts.  I follow them, but I still don't understand.

And then there's Facebook.  Bloody facebook.  I got it about three weeks ago and I can't stop.  The fact that there's literally no one on private is one reason.  Then there's the mutual friends think which is something else I can't stop looking at.  And then there's the profile pics, which you can zoom in on and look at every single one.  And then there's messanger.  Oh god messanger.
I feel like Facebook is my confident site.  I don't post anything, so I don't care what people see.  The only stuff I ever post are happy birthdays (which there are a lot of - three in the last two days), and comments if I'm tagged in something or a friend posts a very nice new profile pic.  I'll literally send a friend request to anyone I know or knew, no matter when, and even people I've only heard of.  It's not an invasion of privacy to me, seeing as there's nothing on my profile, and they do accept, so it's not for them either.

The people in this city are all connected.  People from primary school, high school, my old dance school, my friend's school, they're all intertwined.  And it's amazing how many different people I've encountered can all end up at the same event.  The city is so small.

And searching for people is so much easier because they do it based on mutual friends.  I might be searching for a "Sofie" that goes to my school, and end up having a "Sofie" I forgot from primary school appear instead.

Now about messanger, when I first got Facebook that was all I used.  Literally everyone has facebook, which means literally everyone is accessible to chat, whether I've talked to them recently or not.  You can contact anyone as long as you know their name.  I managed to talk to so many old primary school mates and people from particular encounters.  It's insane.


I also absolutely love snap chat.  It's the stories.  I can see what every person is doing at a particular moment, or what's happening at a major event or celebration around the world, and they keep building up.  By the end of each day I get to view so many new stories, and it's entertaining.  I can share exactly what I'm doing too, in just one snap.

The "ugly selfies are also pretty fun.  I say "ugly" because it's mostly people looking pretty in the pretence that they're pulling an ugly face, if you get what I mean.

I miss snap chat best friends though.

Even blogger counts as a social media.  Reading other blogs, commenting, posting on my own as I am now.  It's all hours spent on social media, although I would say it's more mind building than any of the other three I've described.  This morning alone, I've spent an hour here already, and another half an hour on my phone, and it's only 10am.

So I've basically spent this whole post talking about how much I love social media, so you can see how far my obsession's gone.  I mean, social media is an amazing invention.  No doubt about that.  I just need to limit myself, but I'm not so sure how to do that.

I can't say no social media after 6pm, because that's valid time I would spend on it.  I can't give myself times because my schedule is so flexible I need this to be flexible too. Or am I just making excuses?  Maybe I should say I can't use it for an hour at a time.  Or I need to do everything I need to get done first, and I need to sleep by this time.  No social media once I'm in bed reading.

I'm in desperate need for some strategies.  How should I go about this?


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Feel Like I'm Not Normal

I'm only one and a half weeks in and I'm already sick of it.  I came in fresh and strong, and now I feel like I've been deflated.  I'm so so tired by the time lunch comes around, and I've got a blooming ulcer that hurts every time I talk.  Surrounding yourself by people in an institution involuntarily makes you feel this way.  There's so many different kinds of people that you no longer feel normal anymore.

This morning after band she said, "Hey M!".  I said "hey" back.  Then her friend came and I said something about the chairs of all things.  Later we were walking together and we were talking about house captains, another mundane topic, and how the people in her house are so competitive.  I ended up walking ahead.  No matter what we're talking about I'll always be the third wheel.  They'll wait for each other, but there's no guarantee they'll wait for me.

As soon as I see her I yell her name and she looks up at me expectantly.  "You're not wearing your glasses today!" I say, remembering how she's been waiting for her contacts, but forgetting something else much more important.  "No.  They're in my pocket" she says, and I begin to walk away.  End of conversation.  But then I hear it.  "Happy Birthday!"  I think back to the less than enthusiastic text she sent me last night.  Haha ok x after a paragraph ramble.  It's too late.  She knows I forgot.  I know I forgot.  And I feel terrible.  Why can I never remember anyone's birthday, when for some people they remember birthdays as if their life depends on it?  I really can be a terrible friend.

"You know how you said you don't like your hair down?  Well I think it looks better down."  I know she means it as a piece of advice, a compliment of sorts, but it makes me self conscious.  Do I look weird with my side fringe pinned up?

In PE we're defending, just me and her.  The ball's on the other side of the field and everyone's fighting for it in a little cluster, except for us.  She's so enthusiastic, telling me about her morning.  A normal person would make a joke and laugh.  But instead I reply in a disinterested monotone voice, and she changes the topic in an equally monotone voice.

This brings me to the other day in assembly.  The moment she walked in, I stopped my conversation with the other girl.  "You'd better have brought them" I said, referring to the tic tacs in her blazer pocket.  The other girl laughed.  A normal person would've offered her one and possibly made a new assembly buddy, but I didn't.  I ignored her and the poor girl must either think I'm intimidating or weird.

"Hey." I say as I am walking past, giving her a polite smile.  "Well if it isn't M" she says after a moment.  I stand there, not sure how to reply.  I settle with "Well... bye."  I'm not sure if I was acting abnormal, or if that was her.

At lunch I sit down and give an overenthusiastic "Hi!".  She looks at me weirdly and says "hi" back.  She always seems a little judgmental.  The conversation is about exercise and healthy eating, but everything I say sounds wrong.  I make a point and they question it.  They make me unsure of how to answer without sounding completely clueless.  They probably think I am judging from my junk food rep.  And then I say something that makes me sound like I'm full of myself, but I've done that a lot.  They probably already think I am.

My ulcer hurts so bad.  All I can do is tell something to the girl next to me, and she repeats it in a way so much funnier than I would have.  The whole class laughs, including me.  I'm rocking back and forth, face red with laughter, looking like a retard.

We're sitting on the wall after school, watching the cars driving through.  We're talking about formal dates, even though the formal isn't for a long time.  "People are having co-ed sweet 16s just to help people get dates" she says.  I didn't know about this.  But then, neither did 70% of our grade. // "That was my old group!" the other girl with us exclaims, referring to her old school.  Apparently they're nicknamed the bogans and they do lots of drugs and alcohol nowadays.  I didn't know this, but apparently those two did.  "Security was so not tight there.  At the year eight dance disco thing everyone got drunk"  By everyone she probably means people like her, not everyone. // But I don't have anything interesting to add to this conversation.

Beforehand I was leaning against that wall with another girl.  We were trying to predict who would become the dux in our grade.  When the girl who would later talk about her bogan group came along to surprise me as usual, she was the one that wasn't like us.  She was the one not being normal.  We had reasonable predictions, assessing the top grades, and she made a wild guess. 

I guess 'normal' is referring to the majority's views and the way they act, and that's ever changing depending on the people and what they're doing.  So I guess we could all be 'normal' given the correct situation and mix of people.

We're individuals with our own priorities.  'Normal' shouldn't affect us, because it doesn't really exist, and I need to remember that.

But it wouldn't kill me to feel more normal, to act more normal in some of these situations.

I guess I'm an ever changing person.  We all are.  That's normal.


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Guest Post: Another Teen on the Web - Types of Friends

Okay, so this is the first ever guest post on my blog, and it's actually really exciting.  It's like a little piece of her blog has been put into mine, and I love that.  I'm happy to say that I've left this important post in the hands of one very funny, sarcastic and relatable blogger...

Hello people of the Internet,

My name is Another Teen On The Web, which sounds incredibly weird but I have an anonymous blog online. I was given the opportunity to do a guest post on this amazing blog after I did this post here…

This is my first guest post so bare with me.
M and I were not 100% sure what to write on each others blogs so I decided I would talk a little bit about me and then types of friends we all have.
About Me

I am just your average teenager (14) from the UK. I love YouTube, food and hate homework. My talents include:
  • Ignoring alarm clocks
  • Arguing with parents
  • Forgetting to revise for tests
  • Loosing my phone
I have been blogging for approximately 4 months now and love it so much. I can’t believe I have managed to keep it a secret.

My blog doesn’t really have a category it fits into I talk about music, observations, school, parents basically everything.

I recently got my blog redesigned so let me know what you think about that if you check it out. Also in case you were wondering my post popular blog post to date was My Goals for 2015 post

Types of Friends

Throughout our lives we gain and loose a lot of friends and so I decided to make a short list of 5 types of friends.
The Social Media Obsessed- The friend who cares more about their Facebook and Instagram than their physics exam. They spend hours trying to take the best selfie.

The beauty queen- This is the type of friends who is STUNNING. The friend who looks perfect in every picture and has the nicest clothes and ultimately makes me feel like a fat fish.

The smart one- The friends who is practically just a brain with legs. This friend is probably the most useful type as they are there to help whenever I “forget” to do my homework.

The arguer- This is the type of friend who you argue with constantly but because you are so similar and such great friends with you never quite let them go.

The BEST friend- This is the friend who is the most important they are the one person who you rely on to make you smile and laugh when things aren’t going to great.

That was an incredibly short list of types of friends. Have you met any of these types of people? What other types of friends are there?

Please let me know in the comments! Also it would mean the world if you could go checkout my blog if you liked this post in the slightest, I would love any blog advice and maybe even a follow if you want ;) 

Check out my blog to see M’s guest post.

My blog link is

I hope to see you over on my blog very soon,

You are amazing,
Thank you,
Another Teen On The Web

PS. If you are new to M’s blog like, share, follow do whatever you can to help her she is amazing.

Aww.  I love the flattery in this post.  Same to you Another Teen on the Web.  You're amazing too  <3. 

This is me, M, typing again if you hadn't already realised.  I'm just here to add as an afterthought that I really liked this idea of a guest post swap, and I enjoyed the process too, so I'd be happy to do it again.  If you're interested, and hopefully someone is, just email me at and hopefully I'll get back to you.


Friday, 6 February 2015

The Best Summer Yet

It's finally Friday and I'm absolutely exhausted after the first week of school.  I've been meaning to post this since Monday but I didn't realise how surprisingly busy school would make me.  I literally haven't had any solid free time since it started, and I guess the summer was just so amazing that I couldn't write about it until the very last moment was over.

I really truly feel we've done a lot in these holidays.  We've gone to different parks, hugged strangers, walked around lakes, gone swimming, gone shopping, watched movies, took Polaroid pictures, done blindfolded makeovers, ate at cafes and played paintball, and we also both went on big trips overseas.  How many people can say they did all that in their holidays!!

This was quoted word for word from a text message TN sent me near the end of the summer holidays.  I spent most of my days in Australia with her and as a result didn't end up marathoning TV shows and taking up random projects and hobbies.  It wasn't the most relaxing of summers, but it definitely was a fun one.

The first key thing I'm going to bring up is the bucketlist.  Earlier in the year, TN and I had read a book called Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson.  We liked the idea of the list of tasks Sloane gave Emily over the summer, so we decided to make a summer list of our own.  So a week before school ended we sat at the front and made a list of stuff we'd regret putting down later.

1. Hug a stranger

We both did this at my birthday party, the weekend after school finished.  TN was feeling dehydrated before a game of paintball and hugged the instructor on the way back down. 

As for me, we decided that if the knife came out dirty when I cut the cake, I would have to 'hug a stranger'.  Of course it did come out dirty, and I ended up hugging a very good looking guy named Jesse.  He was in a group of 18 year old guys and his girlfriend was there too, and he also happened to be family friends with one of the girls at my party.

2. Dance behind a stranger

We half heartedly did this behind a few people in Coles (the local supermarket), but they didn't notice any of our popping and locking as we awkwardly walked past behind.

3. Go to a counter and ask what year it is

We did this in the ABC shop where I bought a card and as an afterthought TN said, "Just wondering, what year is it?"  The girl at the counter was like "Um, 2015?"  And then I yelled "We made it!" (as if we were time travellers) and we ran out of the shop as fast as we could.  I don't know if the counter girl got my joke at all.

4. Go to a counter and tell them they'd make a cute couple

TN bought a smoothie from a nice awkward Asian guy with a nice awkward Asian girl working alongside him.  After he'd given her the smoothie I added quickly, "Just so you know, you and that girl would make a cute couple." And I pointed somewhat discretely at the girl.  He just nodded and smiled a little and said "Okay."  I'm not sure if I was imagining it, but I swear he was even more awkward after.

5. Go to the shops together in winter clothing

We were changing into my fancy coat and her scarf and beanie when the cleaning lady started a conversation with us and ended with "Yeah.  It can get pretty cold in here.  You look like you're getting dressed for Winter."  When we walked into shops, no one asked if we needed any help.  I guess we looked a little retarded, but they were nice outfits.

6. Go Christmas carolling after Christmas

I didn't get to do this with TN because it was very last minute, on the second last day of the holidays.  I ended up doing it with two of my family friends.  We grabbed two Christmassy stuffed animals and one green headband and traipsed up to a house behind, belonging to a girl we kind of know from dance, all the while yelling "Merry Christmas!" at any passers by.  It was awkward because her mum and younger brother answered the door, and by the time the girl got there she was just like, "You can just go mum."  And then she stared at us, cringing as we stumbled through the words of Deck the Halls.

7. Convince a relative that we ride to school on kangaroos

In Malaysia, I said this to the youngest of the D boys (who isn't actually related to me but whatever) who was like, "Oh!  Really?"  My cousin was laughing, his brother was laughing, and I said, "Yeah.  Sometimes we ride in the pouches.  You know, where they keep their joeys?"

8. Play hide and seek in a shopping centre

We didn't do this one, although it does sound fun.

9. Blind folded makeovers and go in public

TN and I had messed up eyeliner and lipstick, while we made AH look like a drag queen.  Then we walked to a nearby café, either hiding behind our purses, yelling "It was a blindfolded makeover!" at strangers who hadn't even noticed, or singing This is How We Do while walking like we owned the world.  The barista at the café later asked, "So what have you girls been doing all day, other than wearing a shit tonne of makeup?"

10. Give a pick up line

My first attempt was on an older (but very good looking) guy at the bus stop.  I kept saying I would give him a pick up line just before we got on our bus, but then he got up first and I said "You, wait." but he didn't hear.

Then there was the poor angry bored miserable looking boy on his phone at the mall.  I yelled beforehand at TN, "I'm going to do the pick up line now."  And he probably must've heard.  Then I walked up to him and said, "If you were a fruit you'd be a fineapple."  He just nodded lazily in response and I couldn't take it so I ran away.

As for TN, there was a very good looking guy our age on his phone, and she kept breathing and preparing and then he looked at us and we ran away giggling.

11. Have a conversation with a stranger

There was probably more than one, but early on there was good old Vincent.  We were sitting on a bench, minding our own business, staring at the lake, when he sat next to us and started with, "Am I making you uncomfortable?"  He was in the year above us at a nearby kinda messed up school, and TN reckons he was Asian but I swear he wasn't.  He called himself a failure and the conversation led to, "So what do you want to be when you grow up?"  I actually knew one of the girls in the group he was with and when I told him so he promptly said, "She's a bitch.", jokingly I hope.

Another key thing I remember were the sleepovers.

Sleepover number one involved one bus ride from school, in which we encountered four bitches.  I took a snap chat of one of them, drawing an arrow towards her head stating "She's a bitch" and posting it as my story, while AH stuck up two middle fingers which got a Hawaii sign for hello in return.  It also involved two trips to two different malls, blindfolded makeovers, some creeped out people at the door and movies as usual.

Sleepover two involved Pretty Little Liars, Dance Academy, a workout session in the middle of the night, a little gossip, and a spontaneous trip to the mall still in my pyjama top.

Sleepover three involved some severe facebook messaging.  So should we go to your kookaburra tree or mine *suggestive eyebrows*  Be my Augustus Waters.  Without the terminal disease of course *suggestive eyebrows again* and then there was this one very inappropriate movie which I think I am a little scarred by.  We didn't sleep until 5:30am, and I caught a plane the next day.

Sleepover four lasted for three nights.  It involved me being a piece of furniture in my cousin's house, savouring her unlimited wifi to watch movies and talking to her relatives coming in and out.

Sleepover five involved loads of sherbet (aka 'the supply') and High School Musical

Sleepover six was a debating sleepover just before school.  We ended up talking to people from other grades, learning a little about community service and work experience up ahead, and I think it was my first real return to civilisation after Malaysia.

And I also took quite a few buses

This isn't something I've done a lot of before.  I've always been worried or paranoid about pressing the stop button at the right time and whether I'll get on the right bus and where to sit.  But I've now taken the bus from one side of the city to the other.  And there was that day where I felt as if we were just travelling all over the north side.  The people you see are interesting.  There was a business man playing candy crush, countless bogans with their big brown beards and their sunburned skin, and the uptight lady staring straight ahead listening to upbeat rap and pop music echoing loudly through her earphones.  Buses really do go everywhere, and I know how they work now, and I'm no longer scared now.

We also spent a whole load of time around lakes

We took photos, photos, polaroids, more photos, and generally appreciated the scenery, chatted about anything and people watched.  There were the skater boys at the skate park, their personal cheerleaders/girlfriends hanging around in their tight leggings and crop tops, not really doing anything.  There was the graffiti by the 12 year old on the public toilets.  There was that group of teens unknowingly sitting under a cross, looking like they were having a Jesus worshipping session.  There was my mum's friend feeding the ducks with her son.

And there was also that day we had a picnic and went paddle boating, and got off the boats soaking wet.  From afar the giant fountain in the middle of the lake looks misty and magical where it hits the water, so for some reason we thought going under it would feel misty and magical too.  It wasn't.  Going under was scary as hell and we couldn't find our way out of the constant heavy rain and my phone is now partially broken thanks to being drenched.

And since this all involved walking, I may as well throw in that time we spent an hour walking to a waterpark to find it wasn't open.

So that was just some of the stuff that went down this summer, and I'm looking forward to the next holidays, but also looking forward to the ten weeks of school ahead.

I believe TN suggested travelling by bus around the entire city, from one end to another, exploring any park or lake or mall or place there is to see.  And I like the idea.  Next holidays maybe?