Thursday, 24 December 2015

Kuching Means Cat in Malay

Kuching, Borneo

To be honest, I am loving life.  I think the holidays bring out the best in my mood.  A month away from home and anxiety wreaking people, visiting new places with not a single thing needed to be done.  I'm currently in Kuching where there are coconut trees and beautiful rainforests all around us.  In the distance there's this majestic mountain we have nicknamed "pregnant woman mountain" because its silhouette looks like a pregnant woman.

My only concern is that I'm not living in the moment.  I seem to be both filming snippets for my long Malaysia video and taking photos for a blog post at the same time.  Am I constantly looking through a lens?  But in a way, maybe I'm visiting these places to create a piece to see again and again.  I don't think I know how to just look at something beautiful without recording it.  I also hate how I hunt for wifi even when I don't need it.  What is my preoccupation with being connected to home when I love escaping it so much?

Damai Beach Resort

Mount Santubong (Mount Pregnant Woman)

I am annoyed at the rain.  It rained this morning when I was planning on going swimming, resulting in my extremely bloated state - which could also be blamed on my consistent love and low will power when it comes to food.  It rained in the cultural village, where I practically ended up going swimming anyway; and it rained tonight while we were walking through the undesirable city of Kuching to the car.  The rain ruins all kinds of exploring.

Sarawak Cultural Village

Kuching City and Waterfront

These relatives are so incredibly difficult to travel with.  Aunty C and family are so opposed to walking even the slightest distance, yet Grandma and Grandpa, who walk at a snail's pace, aren't.  They're also so incredibly rude, yelling at the poor hotel staff over all the little specifics and even making lists of all the wrongs they could possibly point out.  It makes me proud of Mummy's kindness and Daddy's friendliness.

Bako National Park

We experienced a roller coaster of a boat ride because it's monsoon season.

I feel as if I'm somewhat opposed to the Malay culture rather than proud.  I feel this stupid sense as if I'm above them.  But when I read the first page of my diary, where I refer to "tumblr eggs benedict" I realise I'm not that different to my cousin at all, and yet I feel like laughing when she's so adamant about ordering eggs benedict and taking photo after photo.

When I see Malay boys and girls my age on the streets of Kuching I hold my head high like a snob.  If they laugh about something I assume I'm miles above whatever joke they may have made.  Perhaps it's the fact that I know this country's government is corrupt, or that this is a third world country, but I need to remember: Daddy was once exactly like them.

Gua Angin and Fairy Cave

For some reason bargaining for souvenirs seems to be the family's favourite form of shopping, so here's a little video I made out of the sheer boredom felt by all persons under 40 in the family.
(in 2 parts because I have just discovered how inconvenient blogger is when it comes to uploading videos)



  1. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE! I might would do the same if I was there, this place holds so much beauty. But there are moments when I just shut off all my devices and focus on particularly nothing and it makes me feel so calm, it might be the hardest and the nicest thing to do to myself.

    Not Your Type Blog

    1. In the Fairy Cave, which the photos do no justice, my mum and I just sat on a bench and stared out the huge opening into the rainforest. It looked so magical like the stereotypical home for fairies or something. I somewhat wish I had been more focused on nature and whatnot in the rainforest rather than seeing some beautiful greenery and lighting and thinking it would make a good photo.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous post <3 I love all the photos - Malaysia looks so beautiful!

    - Ellie

    1. Thanks Ellie! It was pretty beautiful.

  3. Beautiful pictures, looks like such an adventure.

    1. Thank you! My dad's iPhone 6 quality really makes a difference.

  4. This is actually pretty odd for me because I'm Malaysian (though I don't live in the country!) and people who visit the place rarely have any good thing to say about the country. Completely fine by me because I think the country is pretty shitty, too.

    As for terrible family members to travel with? My parents are pretty terrible people to travel with, ha. I hope all is well with you, M.

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

    1. My cultural background is Malaysian as well, although I wasn't born in the country, but my family and I come back every year to visit all the relatives and this is one of the few times we've actually gone site seeing. I guess it was this experience that made me realise Malaysia is actually a beautiful country with loads of tourist destinations and places to explore right under my nose. I will always think of Malaysia as my second home and therefore it isn't shitty to me at all (although yeah sure there are some things that need changing). Annoying family members are pretty shitty though, but we love them anyway.

  5. These pictures are gorgeous! Your trip looks really fun.
    I know what you mean about traveling with certain family members... I have an unrealistic fantasy of traveling alone with no one to hold me back. But I suppose traveling with family can be nice in a way.
    Nice post!

    1. Travelling with family can also be such a tiresome experience, and I think I'm over it. Make that fantasy come true because it's not unrealistic at all. Just save up and go.