Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Vampire Diaries

6 seasons.  113 episodes.  I am ashamed to say that it has taken me almost half a year to finally catch up.  I swear my TV-show-marathoning skills are much better than that.

To be honest though, at some points I felt like the show dragged on a bit.  But even so, I pushed through and will continue being loyal.  Even though Nina Dobrev isn't coming back next season, I will watch this show until the end, similar to my feelings towards Pretty Little Liars (I will still watch the 5 years later seasons despite that shitty ending)(I wanted Wren to be A).

Season 6, episode 22 was so freaking emotional.  It started off like any ordinary episode within the blur of this continuous story within my head, when bam, Elena is unconscious and not coming back.  I just feel like there was so much unnecessary tragedy that stemmed from Kai's return.  I feel like all the bad things happen to Alaric, and I just want something permanent and happy to happen to the poor man.

Funny thing is though, after finishing the season I had a little stalk of the actors on Instagram, and the actor for Kai seems to be pretty friendly with all the other actors.  Kai seems like a great guy in real life, and that's just plain weird.

I don't even like Nina Dobrev that much in real life.  She's super attractive, but as I got further through the show she began to lose that.  I think it's because everything was always about her and I didn't understand why.  I don't get why most cliche shows always have to have one main protagonist who's practically the centre of the world.

I loved Elena's farewells though, how she had a moment with each of the characters, even the ones I didn't think she was all that close to.  I love the fact that the death I was anticipating never came, but instead she will be back eventually, apparently even in the season 7 finale.  That takes the absolute tragedy away from the incident.

What I don't understand in this show is the theme of love.  It just feels so overplayed, like the characters fall so deeply in love in such a small space of time.  They'd do anything for each other, even the most dramatic of sacrifices.  I just can't imagine feeling that way about anyone.  It seems so unrealistic, but then what would I know about "soul mates"?

That said, I do like Stefan and Caroline's relationship.  I like how they've been best friends for so long.  I like the idea of friendship to love.  But then, I also liked Caroline and Tyler, and Caroline and Matt, and Caroline and anyone but Damon because ew.  I feel like Caroline's my favourite character because I always end up going for the control freaks.

Or Bonnie.  Bonnie's plain awesome.

And Jeremy's hot but I feel like he's never there.

I don't know what Damon will do next season.  I think he's the only reason I'm sad that Elena is gone.   I don't see how the writers will be able to write him another love interest without gaining a wave of hate from all the fans.  I couldn't see Damon with anyone else either.  If he were to find someone else I'd feel like it couldn't be as real as him and Elena, considering he was about to become human for her.

Maybe I watch these shows because I like the idea of love.

Or maybe it's because real life is so boring and sometimes we need to escape by watching cliche shows.  The Vampire Diaries isn't even cliche though.  I mean, it has all the cliche supernatural creatures, but the story is quite unique if you think about it.  The writers could literally do anything with it and it would make sense because the entire show is somewhat bizarre.

Maybe bizarreness is the reason it's such an effective escape.

I'll be starting Teen Wolf tomorrow.

It has Dylan O'brien.



  1. I'm terrible at following series, I know I need to get better at it. Something to do during the day.

    / Avy

    1. Definitely something to do to past time. Once you find the right story, you're living in a different reality. They say fangirls are never unhappy because their hearts are just so filled with love.

  2. For some strange reason, I can't seem to get past the first episode of The Vampire Diaries and I must have seen it I don't know how many times. It's not that I don't like the story; I've read the books and I really enjoyed them. I just never feel the urge to continue, which is a shame. I do hope I can pick it back up in the near future. What do you think? I also really want to start Teen Wolf! So many TV shows, so little time...



    1. My thoughts exactly! :"So many TV shows, so little time" Today my friend played the pilot for Arrow and now I feel like watching that as well. I get that sometimes you don't feel like going through a TV show, and just don't if it doesn't click. I treat TV shows like books - once I start I stick to it and only it, or if I don't like it I discard it. Never two marathons at once.

  3. I'm stuck somewhere in season three, I still plan on catching up, I love Damon even though I shouldn't he is such a jerk. I love Teen Wolf, Dylan O'Brien's character is the best. I am also in season three on that.
    Me and my friend do Dr. Pepper shots while watching. We do a shot every time someone is shirtless. It keeps us awake.

    1. Haha junk food, a friend and a TV show marathon is the best combination. I know you're still catching up, but let me reassure you, Damon is not a jerk. I mean, he is, but he's great :') You really should love him. As for Teen Wolf, I love Stiles' personality, but I just want him to grow his hair. I'm only on episode 5 so I have quite a bit more to catch up on.

  4. I finished The Vampire Diaries, I think the first 3 seasons were so addictive but then it started to get a bit boring... well, I still watched them all and I'm waiting for season 7 :P . My favourite characters were Caroline (after she became a vampire) and Damon. But yeah, if Caroline and Damon were in a relationship it would be just plain ew. Even though they are my favourites, they don't fit together. I hate Elena. Teen Wolf is nice though I prefer The Vampire Diaries, the warewolves in Teen Wolf don't look realistic. Though, I still love Teen Wolf. DYLAN 'O' BRIEN ♥︎.

    1. Yeah TVD did get a little draggy, but I still have that connection to all the characters all the same. Elena seemed so perfect at the beginning, but after a while she just became so overrated. It's like all the problems revolved around her. Haha unrealistic looking werewolves :') Is there such a thing as realistic looking ones?

  5. I am currently struggling under the weight of assignments and mid-term semesters! I'll watch the series properly AS SOON AS I GET HOLIDAYS!
    I love the Vampire Diaries! It's so cool! My favourite character's Bonnie. Some people say I look like her, especially after Kat Graham had that bob-cut done!
    Stay awesome as ever, M!
    Much love,
    Archie <3

    1. I feel you! This is the reason it took me a full six months! Whenever assessments came around I would spend weeks not being able to watch. Those last three episodes of season 6 had to wait so many weeks because life is just too busy. The good thing about TV shows is that they're perfect for when you have loads of spare time. Bonnie is awesome, and if you look like her you must be a pretty gal.

  6. I use to be a fan of Vampire Diaries, but I stopped halfway through Season 2. I don't know if I'll pick it up again though, I just felt it was getting slow for me. Oh well...<3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

    1. It does get slow at times, but I guess we all deal with our TV shows differently hey :P