Sunday, 22 March 2015

Any Random Page

I'm procrastinating.  I just really don't want to have to start my day, leave these comfortable pyjamas and begin understanding our very complicated economy.  So why don't we do something else?

I've been reading this really good book lately, called The Winner's Crime, and I also finished the last book in a series, called The Ruby Circle.  And when I think about it, I've actually read so many good books in my lifetime and all the stories are just piling up in my head, intertwined in my ideas about life.  And I love that I like reading.  I couldn't imagine not.

So how about we take some snippets from these stories.  I'm going to open to any random page of each book I've picked off my shelf and post what it says.  It'll give you an excerpt of sorts, an insight into the story, which will probably make no sense.


Crown of Midnight - Sarah J Maas, page 289

"She knows to stick to poetry and mathematics books."

Celaena's face was grave and pale, but her eyes shone with faint amusement.  She wore a dark blue tunic he'd never seen before, with golden embroidery that glinted in the dim light.  In fact, her whole outfit looked new.

The silence that settled between them made him shift on his feet.  What could he possibly say to her?  The last time they'd been this close, she'd grazed her nails across his neck.  He still had nightmares about that moment.

"Can I help you find anything?" He asked to her.  Keep it normal, keep it simple.

"Crown prince and royal librarian?"

"Unofficial royal librarian," he said.  "A title hard won after many years of hiding here to avoid stuffy meetings, my mother and... well, everything else."

"And here I was thinking you just hid in your little tower."

Dorian laughed softly, but the sound somehow killed the amusement in her eyes.  As if the sound of merriment was too raw against the wound of Nehemia's death.  Keep it simple he reminded himself.  "So?  Is there a book I can help you find?  If that's a list of titles in your hand, then I could look them up in the catalogue."

"No," She said, folding the papers in half.  "No, there's no book.  I just wanted a walk."

And he'd just come to a darker corner of the library to read.

But he didn't push it, if only because she could easily start asking him questions, too.  If she remembered what had happened when she attacked Chaol, that is.  He hoped she didn't. 

There was a muffled shriek from somewhere in the library, followed by a string of howled curses and the familiar pitter-patter of paws on stone.  Then Fleetfoot came sprinting down the row, a scroll of paper in her jaws.

Legend - Marie Lu, page 105

The pain makes me light-headed and angry.  No rules?  So be it.

When Kaede comes again, I twist her arm in a tight hold.  In one move, I shatter it.  She screams in pain.  When she tries to pull away, I continue to hold on, twisting the broken arm behind her back until I see the blood drain from her face.  A knife slips out from the bottom of her tank top and clatters to the ground (a serrated knife, just as I thought.  Kaede is not a normal street beggar.  She has the skills to get her hands on a nice weapon like that - which means she might be in the same line of business as Day.  If I weren't undercover, I'd arrest her right now and take her in for questioning.)  My wound burns, but I grit my teeth and maintain my grip on her arm.

Finally Kaede taps me frantically with her other hand.  I release her.  She collapses to the ground on her knees and her good arm.  The crowd goes nuts.  I clutch my bleeding side as tightly as I can, and when I look around, I see money exchanging hands.  Two people help Kaede out of the ring (she shoots me a look of hatred before she turns away), and the rest of the onlookers start up their chant.

"Choose!  Choose!  Choose!"

Maybe it's the dizzying pain from my wound that makes me reckless.  I can't contain my anger anymore.  I turn without a word, roll my shirtsleeves back up to my elbows, and flip my collar up.  Then I step out of the ring and start shoving my way out of the circle.

Hunting Lila - Sarah Alderson, page 172

He sighed.  "I thought that if you knew the same people who killed your mum were after you, you might try to do something stupid.  Like act as bait.  Or that you'd run away, thinking we couldn't protect you.  You looked so scared."

"You thought I'd run away?"  Before last night, I'd never have run away from Alex.  I'd run to him all the way from London in the first place.

"It has been known, Lila.  It's not that absurd a conclusion to draw."  He took a sip of coffee.

He had a point, so I pressed my lips together and let him carry on.

"I thought you should know about Jack and your father - the reason Jack was appearing so unreasonable."  He placed his hands on the table.  "But I didn't think you deserved to know the same people were after you as killed your mother.  Why would you deserve the fear that would cause?  When the threat wasn't even established-" He ran a hand through his cropped hair then put it back on the table, around his coffee.  He looked up at me through his dark gold lashes and suddenly he was my Alex again.  The boy who was holding my hand at the funeral, keeping strangers at bay.  "Lila, I hate seeing you scared and hurt and I wanted to protect you.  It's as simple as that."

I nodded.  He hadn't used the past tense.  He had said I hate seeing you scared.  It was enough to spark a flame of hope that he didn't despise me after all.

"Why did you leave the bar and run off like that?"

"Key was there.  He told me - he told me what you and Jack do for a living."

I didn't need to tell him that the deciding factor was not that but seeing him with Rachel.

Cinder - Marissa Meyer, page 292

How naïve of her to think it could be so simple.

"No? Yes?"

She fumbled, thinking it should have been easy to blame her silence on Adri, her cruel stepmother who had refused to let her leave the house, but it was not that easy.  She couldn't risk giving him hope.  She couldn't risk anything that might change her mind.

"It's just that I..."

She drew back, knowing that she should tell him.  He thought she was a mere mechanic, and he was, perhaps, willing to cross that social divide.  But to be both cyborg and Lunar?  To be hated and despised by every culture in the galaxy?  He would understand in a moment why he needed to forget her.

More than that, he probably would forget her just as quickly.

Her metal fingers jerked.  Her right hand was burning hot against the cotton. 

Pull off the gloves and show him.

She mindlessly reached for the hem, fingering the grease stained material.

But she couldn't.  He didn't know.  She didn't want him to know.

"Because you kept going on and on about the stupid ball." she said, cringing at her own words.

He dropped a cursory glance to the gold box in his hands.  The tension melted until his arms dropped to his sides.  "Stars Cinder, if I had known you were going to embargo me for asking you on a date, I wouldn't have dared."

Perfect Scoundrels - Ally Carter, page 98

It was still the Henley, and Kat and her crew were still the kids who'd robbed it, and so it was with more than a little trepidation that she followed Gabrielle (who had been forced to abandon her short skirts and tall heels for the occasion, lest any of the guards recollected seeing her legs on that fateful day last December).

The past was the past, and the people at Henley seemed to go about their business as if nothing had changed.

Kat, on the other hand, knew better.

The guards were on a different rotation.  The cameras had been upgraded no more than a month before.  The security system was running on an entirely different feed, and this time Kat could see Simon out of the corner of her eye, lingering by the doors to the North Garden.  His hands were shaking as he paced back and forth, looking like he was going to burst through the doors and run screaming from the Henley at any moment.  But he didn't.

"I don't like this.  I feel naked.  I feel... blind." Simon said through the comms unit.

"Then push your wig back." Gabrielle said from her place by the windows.

But that wasn't the problem, and Kat knew it.

"It's no fair." Simon said.  "They get to have computers and cameras.  With face-recognition software.  Have I mentioned I am not a fan of face-recognition software?"

"Yeah." Gabrielle told him.  "You might have mentioned it when we were shopping for fake noses."

Simon defended his honour.  Gabrielle insulted his nose.  But the words were just a distant humming in Kat's ears as...

And that's where I'm going to stop.  Because you have no idea how long it actually took to copy out pages word for word.  I'd say I've successfully procrastinated for the day, and I hope you somewhat enjoyed these pages ;)



  1. Wow! Great job for taking all that time to do that! The only one of those that I've read is Cinder. Have you read Scarlet, the second book?

    1. Yes! I love Kai and Cinder, and Thorne and Scarlet as well. Haha thanks xx

  2. Cinder and Legend are my two loves.

    xoxo Morning

    1. Mine too. But the end of the Legend series though :')

  3. That must've taken a while! Wait til you read the third Throne of Glass book, it's thebest one yet :)

    1. I've read it but nooo the second one is way better! I actually found number 3 a little boring, like a Segway to the good stuff coming up in number 4.

    2. The second one's pretty fun. I liked 3 because once you read it, you can never go back. I can't bear reading the first book knowing what I know about Celaena and her past!

    3. Wait, have you read the prequel? With Sam :(

  4. beautiful post! it's been awhile since I read a book. Crown in the midnight sounds interesting

    1. Thanks Kandice! The Throne of Glass series is one of my absolute favourites! You should definitely read it.

  5. I had to skip some of this so it didn't spoil anything for me, but you have chosen some really great books here :)

    Meme xx

    New post out now:
    'CND SolarOil // Healthier Stronger Nails'

    1. Haha it doesn't really spoil much because a lot of it won't make any sense, but yes you should definitely read them!!

  6. Cool! Now I gotta read these books!

  7. you need to be commended for this post. i have a vague idea of how time consuming that must have been! wow girl! i love reading, i haven't done much of it lately sadly. maybe that's why life has lost its colour for me?

    dancing in black

    1. Maybe. Hopefully you read some of this and now have some great book recommendations? ;)

  8. Aha I liked these ideas! You should post about your books more often. I have read The Winner's Curse recently myself and only found it to be okay. The best thing about it was the dialogue! And as for Cinder, I have also recently marathoned the whole first three books and loved each and every one of them <3

    1. Yeah. Maybe I should. But lately my reading hasn't exactly been stellar. I've been taking weeks to finish books, and I'm not sure why. The Winner's Curse was great I thought, and so was the Winner's Crime. And Cinder is just amazing <3