Sunday, 8 February 2015

Guest Post: Another Teen on the Web - Types of Friends

Okay, so this is the first ever guest post on my blog, and it's actually really exciting.  It's like a little piece of her blog has been put into mine, and I love that.  I'm happy to say that I've left this important post in the hands of one very funny, sarcastic and relatable blogger...

Hello people of the Internet,

My name is Another Teen On The Web, which sounds incredibly weird but I have an anonymous blog online. I was given the opportunity to do a guest post on this amazing blog after I did this post here…

This is my first guest post so bare with me.
M and I were not 100% sure what to write on each others blogs so I decided I would talk a little bit about me and then types of friends we all have.
About Me

I am just your average teenager (14) from the UK. I love YouTube, food and hate homework. My talents include:
  • Ignoring alarm clocks
  • Arguing with parents
  • Forgetting to revise for tests
  • Loosing my phone
I have been blogging for approximately 4 months now and love it so much. I can’t believe I have managed to keep it a secret.

My blog doesn’t really have a category it fits into I talk about music, observations, school, parents basically everything.

I recently got my blog redesigned so let me know what you think about that if you check it out. Also in case you were wondering my post popular blog post to date was My Goals for 2015 post

Types of Friends

Throughout our lives we gain and loose a lot of friends and so I decided to make a short list of 5 types of friends.
The Social Media Obsessed- The friend who cares more about their Facebook and Instagram than their physics exam. They spend hours trying to take the best selfie.

The beauty queen- This is the type of friends who is STUNNING. The friend who looks perfect in every picture and has the nicest clothes and ultimately makes me feel like a fat fish.

The smart one- The friends who is practically just a brain with legs. This friend is probably the most useful type as they are there to help whenever I “forget” to do my homework.

The arguer- This is the type of friend who you argue with constantly but because you are so similar and such great friends with you never quite let them go.

The BEST friend- This is the friend who is the most important they are the one person who you rely on to make you smile and laugh when things aren’t going to great.

That was an incredibly short list of types of friends. Have you met any of these types of people? What other types of friends are there?

Please let me know in the comments! Also it would mean the world if you could go checkout my blog if you liked this post in the slightest, I would love any blog advice and maybe even a follow if you want ;) 

Check out my blog to see M’s guest post.

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I hope to see you over on my blog very soon,

You are amazing,
Thank you,
Another Teen On The Web

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Aww.  I love the flattery in this post.  Same to you Another Teen on the Web.  You're amazing too  <3. 

This is me, M, typing again if you hadn't already realised.  I'm just here to add as an afterthought that I really liked this idea of a guest post swap, and I enjoyed the process too, so I'd be happy to do it again.  If you're interested, and hopefully someone is, just email me at and hopefully I'll get back to you.



  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity M, I love your blog and I couldn't be happier to have done a guest post xx
    Another Teen On The Web

    1. Same here! You have no idea how excited I was when I saw the guest post opportunity on your blog. I was like yessss I need that nowowowwww. Haha so I couldn't be happier either xx

  2. This was great! I can add another one: The braggy. The one who brags about everything and doesn't even realize she's annoying.

    a little bit of sunshine

    1. Yes! I know! But the thing is, everyone brags sometimes without knowing it, and it's a good thing to love yourself. It can get annoying sometimes, but it's really your choice whether you stay and listen or cut her off.

  3. Nice! I agree with Noor, there are friends like that.
    You know, if you wanted, Another Teen, you could make up a fake name. Sophia isn't my real name. ;)


    1. True, but we've also gotta understand all these different types of friends. I reckon everyone is a little mixture of a few of these. Good advice "Sophia" ;)

  4. I'm so glad you did your guest post because I have now found your blog :) this is so great my boyfriend is my best friend, I can tell him anything and he is always there for me, and he was my best friend before we got together.

    Meme xx

    Latest blog post out now
    'Superdrug Haul'

    1. Thanks Meme! Awhh.. that's literally my definition of the perfect couple, when the pair are best friends.

  5. Nice post! Most likely I am the "smart one" of my group-- most of my friends are taking the required math class while I'm all in advanced classes, in general. I may also be the Idealist/Creationist of the group, because I end up making the most insane but brilliant ideas, and they end up being pulled off.

    xoxo Morning

    1. Well it's nice that you're smart and creative. They're great qualities to have. xx

  6. Cool post! I have three "best friends", so I guess I'm really blessed. :)
    I have one person to add to the list: The Frenemy. That person that you think you despise most of the time, but you can pull together and be friends with in times of need.
    --Rebecca at The Silver Flute

    1. You are pretty blessed. I have people I can vent to, but I honestly probably only have one best friend. Ahh the frenemies. Honestly, my definition would be the people you secretly despise but can't get enough of. They make you feel judged, and you're always judging them, but you still stick around.

  7. Ooh how exciting, your first guest post! If you were looking for another one, perhaps you could consider this blogger *cough cough* ;)
    I actually find that I don't have a single BEST friend, but rather a lot of close friends. But that's probably just me being weird haha!

    Emily | Lynde Avenue

    1. Haha yeah it can get weird if you start defining people as your BEST friends. Your definition of good friends might be someone else's definition for best friends. And I am looking for more, so if you'd like to ;) ;)

  8. This was a great post!
    I recently discovered Another Teen On The Web blog and I absolutely liked it, and as I also love your blog (M.), I found it amazing that you guys did this guest-post thing!
    Right now I'm heading to Another Teen On The Web blog to read your guest-post :)

    The process of all this seems to be fun... I might give it a try too!

    Salha | Abuhayar

    1. She does have an amazing blog! Thanks Salha. Hey, if you wanna give it a try too, I'm always available ;)

  9. Is it possible to be more than one of those?