Tuesday, 20 January 2015

100 Happy Days

So about 100 days ago I decided to do that 100 happy days thing.  I'm actually not too sure what exactly I was meant to do, so I just wrote down one happy thing that happened each day for 100 days.  I'm not gonna lie and say it made me feel happier or anything.  But it did force me to think about something positive that happened every day, and I guess it's also a good way to document what you've been doing.

Here's my list of 100 happy days...
(names have been replaced with initials)

#1: Marlisa sang Impossible beautifully on the X Factor

#2: English with CM.  We found out that Ms G is getting married!

#3: Vanilla fudge and Doctor Who

#4: Short films at AP's

#5: Heated discussions about hot actors at lunch

#6: A postcard from an old friend

#7: Gone Girl was definitely something new

#8: I discovered Twitter!

#9: Out of the Woods - Taylor Swift

#10: Ashes to Ashes is now in my possession

#11: A spontaneous trip to get some strawberry milkshake with ZB

#12: Some group selfies for the new phone

#13: I officially own an iPhone!

#14: The fete was pretty okay.

#15: This is Where I Leave You was very heart warming

#16: Discussions in health (not about health)

#17: Science: jib jab videos, some boyfriend goss

#18: Remaking year 8 videos

#19: Casually memorising the Hajj with TN

#20: The best Halloween yet!

#21: Jogging to 1989

#22: Reese's Peanut Buttercups and music at CM's

#23: Laughing at my Doc Martins

#24: A little prank on TN

#25: Top mark and Disney in commerce

#26: Goodberries cookies n cream <3

#27: A Friday of no homework

#28: A bit of an Awkward marathon

#29: Hot guys with PM

#30: I got a present in yearbook meeting

#31: Watching the music video for Blank Space

#32: The confidence to start/join conversations

#33: Roman Mysteries is literally the funniest thing

#34: A little trip to Costco with KM and BN

#35: A pineapple shirt, Tammy and a dinner for the curious

#36: Making/eating delicious lolly cones

#37: Hanging posters with TN


#39: netball... up until I possibly broke my wrist!

#40: I think my wrist is just sprained, but some of the support you get when people think it's broken...

#41: A 2 hour long chat down at the front

#42: Mockingjay <3

#43: A new pair of high waisted shorts, and lush lip scrub and lip balm

#44: Commerce market day stalls

#45: Those drama plays were great :')

#46: The positive side to the religion excursion was that all the year 9s were together.  Today was different.

#47: Trench wars in history

#48: Bucket list writing with TN

#49: Food is thrown and eaten at Wasabi Tepanyaki

#50: That Filipino coconut butter cake was pretty amazing

#51: Faking It is an amazing TV show

#52: I won 3 awards!

#53: PE and summer rain

#54: Gallipoli was a sad movie, but it was so good

#55: The last day of school calls for a weirdo sleepover

#56: post-sleepover malling

#57: A paintball party with awesome friends and awesome presents

#58: A mass load of snap chats all day :)

#59: The adventures of M and TN

#60: trip back in time, watching Dance Academy and staying up til 4am talking

#61: Hey let's go to the mall and bring AM

#62: A dance concert on the 15th birthday

#63: An almost all-nighter with the suppliers and the baes

#64: Comparing sleepover notes with DN

#65: Finally getting off that plane into Kuala Lumpur

#66: Malaysian food is so good

#67: Batu Caves with the cousin and the cousin's cousins

#68: good food (roti canai and Nandos) and good conversations

#69: Brooke and Mike on Blue Water High

#70: H&M with SL

#71: The Edge of Tomorrow

#72: Shopping on Orchard Road with June

#73: Catching up with June again ;)

#74: The Luge on Sentosa Island

#75: Kinikuniya is a wonderland of books, I got lots of clothes, and it's Christmas!

#76: Opening late Christmas presents in Klang

#77: That comic anime festival thing.  Seeing something new for a change.

#78: caramel popcorn, Night at the Museum and loving my blog again

#79: The beginning of Full Metal Alchemist

#80: Teasing WJ and seeing the giant apartment

#81: Swimming laps and feeling healthy for the first time in ages

#82: I actually liked climbing Penang Hill

#83: I found wifi downstairs and got henna

#84: table tennis and a laptop by the pool

#85: YY's laugh and her cute little hugs

#86: chasing YY around the house

#87: I have these beautiful sparkly blue nails

#88: These TV shows and movies have got me grinning like an idiot

#89: White chocolate and macadamia subway cookies

#90: Trying on tops at Forever 21

#91: Rookie Yearbook 3 and Stuck in Love

#92: A little shopping spree with June in KLCC

#93: Roti canai with funny people

#94: The Bling Ring...

#95: A surprisingly fun time with DW

#96: A midnight chat on educated stuff with DL

#97: Running and ultimate Frisbee with the family in the stadium

#98: Badminton and good food as a last hurrah before we leave

#99: I arrived home

#100: Tumblr polaroids and lanterns and texting TN again

Now I'm pretty sure you didn't actually read every single one of those days.  But I'm hoping you at least picked up a few happy moments along the way.  Just typing these moments out makes me nostalgic. 

Well, I can tell you that day #101 has been pretty nice...

I guess this post is proof that there is something good in every day, if I managed to come up with 100 in a row.  So let's look forward to the many happy days to come.



  1. I looked at all of your happy days and it seems like you've had an awesome time! You've inspired me to do this too c:

    Also, I love the polaroids on the string!


    1. It's definitely a good thing to do each night, just thinking positive for once, so I'm glad you're doing it Amy. Haha yeah I'm literally in love with looking at it.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh man. It was so unexpected and creepy, right!?

  3. I like this idea! I was doing something similar to improve my self confidence- I was writing everyday 5 things that made me proud of myself- it worked, improved my life and made more happy!!!
    I believe that your life improved as well when you know that every day something good happens to you :)
    have a godd day!

    1. I love these ideas of writing something positive at the end of the day, documenting thoughts and positivity instead of just moaning into your diary. I'm certainly glad it helped you become more confident! Maybe my life did improve ;) I know that everyday really is a good day, right? So you have a good good day too xx

  4. You kept very quiet about this Missy! Haha it's such a great thing to do! :D
    Oohh that guy is smoking hot!

    1. Haha. It's a surprise looking back to those days, isn't it? Thinking that was just 100 days ago, and it's all recorded right here. Including that science lesson where we put a very pretty face on a set of rock hard abs ;)

  5. this is a great list! trying it out one day! thanks :D


    1. Thanks Dice!! You should definitely try it one day! It's just plain positive :D

  6. great to learn about your 100 happy days!:) Just followed your blog. Would be nice if you can drop by my blog and follow it too:)


    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it Sonal! I'm checking out your blog now. Thanks for the follow xx

  7. I am doing this every single evening. I sit down for 5 minutes and write down 3 things that made made me happy that day :)


    1. That's a lovely thing to do. Wow Trying to think of three happy moments. On some days I had trouble coming up with one, let alone 3!

  8. What a refreshing positive post! Thanks for sharing, it was really interesting :) Congrats on your 3 awards!

    1. I'm glad you found it interesting Miriam! Wow that was so long ago. Thanks!

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  10. Nice list of positivity!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thanks Morning!! It's nice to be positive for once, like your name ;)

  11. Nice post dear!
    i'm following you, kindly follow back

    1. Thanks Dimple. I'll check out your blog now.

  12. This is so cool! You've inspired me to do this!

    1. Thanks Oakstar! I'm glad I've inspired you because it's definitely a satisfying thing to do. Good luck with it!

  13. Wow it takes a lot of thought to come up with a list like this. I want to try it, it reminds you what to be thankful for. I've never had a lolly cone, but they look good. And I love henna. Your design looks so cool I'm following you now. I can't wait to see what more posts you have to offer. - culturedmisprint.blogspot.com

    1. Haha it doesn't actually take much thought, just 100 days. Technically we made up lolly cones, but maybe someone else has too. Thanks for noticing their deliciousness though ;) And I loved the henna too! So much that I couldn't stop pausing and staring for days. Thanks for the follow. I'm checking out your blog now.

  14. Hey, I also completed the 100 happy days challenge! It was actually a little hard, right? But fulfilling in the end. It made me more grateful than ever.

    Congrats on completing this challenge. :)

    1. I guess it was a little hard, because on some days I was lost as to what to write and ended up writing something so insignificant. But I guess it still counts as a happy moment, meaning there's one in every day. Thanks! Congrats to you too xx

  15. Lovely to see such a happy post. Dr Who and Taylor - woo!

    Corinne x

    1. I'm glad you think so Corinne. Haha I absolutely love Taylor Swift, and I really need to catch up on Doctor Who. I've drastically fallen behind...

  16. This is such a cute idea! Love those polaroids with the amazing pineapple clips!


    1. Thanks Melissa! Haha those polaroids are so tumblr but I love them. And I think I have a thing for pineapples ;)

  17. This is a great post! I love to go back and remember happy things. I can relate to some of these too. Even though I didn't see it, MockingJay still fills me with excitement. I still can't get enough of "out of the woods"
    and I ADORE pineapples!!:)

    1. yes yes and YES!! Haha this comment just made me happy :)))