Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Prince and the Garland

Tonight I went to watch my friend's Indian dance performance entitled 'The Prince and the Garland'.  She goes to this dance school, and they have a concert or something every two years.  Basically, the plot of 'The Prince and the Garland' goes like this...

Once upon a time a prince fell in love with one of his court dancers.  However, his father, the King, wasn't happy with this.  The King employed a witch doctor to make the court dancer an outcast.  He did this by turning her into a mermaid, having her exiled into the sea.  This made the Prince very upset, and every full moon he would drop a garland into the ocean, in hope that it would reach his beloved.  One full moon a saint, disguised as a turtle, found the mermaid.  She told him her story and he felt sorry for her, and vowed to reunite her with her prince.  That night, the saint led the mermaid back to shore and turned her back into a dancer.  She returned to her prince and they got married, living happily ever after.

At the start of the performance, my friends and I were all pretty much just wondering when on earth our friend was going to come on stage.  The performance started off with a sort of prologue thing, which was pretty much just a series of dances.  I spent most of the time gushing at the elaborate and beautiful costumes, which were complete with long skirts, twisted hair and golden jewellery, and whispering to my friends next to me about how cute the littlies were.  They were all such good dancers, even the little ones.  They all did the correct graceful arm movements and jumps in sync.

Then there was a 20 minute intermission where I stuffed myself with cupcakes, curry puffs and apple juice.  I actually saw so many people I know at the performance.  First of all there were my friends that I was sitting with of course.  I also saw one of my other friends, who actually wanted to go to some other hip hop thing with Jai Waetford's relative in it, but had been forced to come to support her good friend, dancing as the prince.  There were also two sisters from my school in the dance performance.  One of them is in my sister's grade and is also in my band.  The other is an annoying grade 8 who is apparently nice.  It also turns out one of my other friend's grandma and mum were there too.  Huh.  What a coincidence!

Finally, in the second half, my friend came on.  She was dancing as the court dancer, the main character of course. ;)  She looked so beautiful up there!  Although, when I saw her after, I saw that her face was caked in make up.  I guess that's stage make up for you!

Anyway, I had a great cultural night watching a lovely performance.  It's now 11pm, which isn't actually that late, but I have a... cold day tomorrow ;) 

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